Aevo, a decentralized perpetual futures and options exchange built on a custom Ethereum layer-2 utilizing the Optimism tech stack, announced an airdrop and farming program on Wednesday. The airdrop is intended to reward early adopters of the Aevo exchange with its upcoming token, AEVO.

Any traders who used the exchange before the announcement will be eligible for the airdrop—but Aevo is also allowing users to gain additional tokens through its new farming program. The airdrop itself will be conducted when the farming program ends, so there’s still time to earn some AEVO ahead of its distribution.

Here’s how crypto traders can best position themselves for the AEVO airdrop, based on what we know so far.

Farming AEVO


According to Aevo, the program is focused on volume, fees, and loyalty on the platform. They measure loyalty based on a trader’s recurring usage of the platform. Your loyalty also contributes to a “farming boost,” or a multiplier on the tokens that you earn through your activities. The exact math on how the multiplier works has not been shared by the Aevo team.

When it comes to volume, the most effective way to farm AEVO is to simply use the platform. Aevo is a perpetual futures exchange, and will require some trading savvy, but the UI/UX is very straightforward. The more positions you open and the more volume you create, the more AEVO tokens you will be eligible for.

The other metric Aevo is tracking are fees. Aevo currently has maker, taker, settlement, and liquidation fees. However, it’s probably a bad idea to try and farm fee points by getting liquidated. (Please don’t.)

The fees are pretty standard for these kinds of decentralized exchanges (DEXs). You’ll pay them whenever making or taking a trade, or when an option expires—so once again, simply using the platform to trade should earn you some of the AEVO being allocated for fees. 


Aevo hasn’t announced how long the farming program will last, so traders should have a good amount of time to get started and earn some AEVO. Just don’t get rekt.

Edited by Andrew Hayward

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