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QuickNode, a blockchain infrastructure platform that helps scale DApps and provides high-performance access to blockchains, announced the launch of Immutable zkEVM, a Layer 2 blockchain designed for gaming projects. Immutable zkEVM will provide Web 3 gaming developers with seamless building tools, combining the compatibility of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) with high scalability and Ethereum-grade security for web3 games.

By incorporating Immutable zkEVM into QuickNode’s ecosystem, the team aims to elevate the gaming experience for developers and players alike, pushing the boundaries of web3 gaming with robust, scalable, and secure blockchain solutions. This first-of-its-kind technology is a step towards revolutionizing blockchain gaming, intending to bring seamless gaming development of web3 games to the masses.

Immutable zkEVM is a novel technology built specifically for blockchain gaming development. The platform is engineered for the blockchain gaming industry, providing developers with optimized scalability, speed, and user-centric experiences. The platform transcends basic developer tooling, focusing on empowering game studios with vital resources like liquidity, community, and powerful network effects.

Following its launch on QuickNode, gaming developers and users will be able to unlock the potential of Ethereum capabilities via the EVM compatibility feature, scale their platform to global audiences while reducing transaction costs, and leverage the security model of the Ethereum blockchain. Additionally, the platform is also building a solution to eliminate gas fees for players, ensuring a seamless and affordable gaming experience for all players.

Unlike other zkEVM rollups, Immutable zkEVM offers a fully-fledged web3 gaming platform, with a suite of compatible products to ease gaming development. Some of the tools include Passport, Orderbook, and Checkout. This one-stop-shop approach simplifies the process of building web3 games, providing developers with a comprehensive EVM solution tailored for gaming.

Immutable zkEVM’s team selected QuickNode as its preferred blockchain infrastructure platform due to these seamless building tools. QuickNode allows developers to focus on building their decentralized applications (DApps) instead of everything else that goes into running a node, including DevOps/NodeOps, uptime, scaling, security, etc. This saves developers precious time and resources, allowing them to get their DApps faster to market while minimizing obstacles that come with node maintenance and synchronization.

"We are thrilled to welcome Immutable zkEVM to the QuickNode platform," says Dmitry Shklovsky, CEO of QuickNode. "This integration marks a significant milestone in our mission to advance blockchain technology in the gaming sector. By blending EVM compatibility, scalability, and Ethereum security, we're setting new standards for gaming experiences and empowering developers and players in unparalleled ways. This is a huge leap forward in our ongoing effort to democratize access to high-quality blockchain infrastructure, and we can’t wait to see the incredible gaming experiences our community will create with this powerful new tool.”

With the launch of Immutable zkEVM, game developers can now build futuristic games, unlock new revenue streams and safeguard their communities. The platform ensures a smooth, frictionless and seamless gaming experience for users too. To supplement game development, Immutable zkEVM comes with a testnet, providing a sandbox environment for developers to innovate in-game asset minting and economy designs, accessing all of Immutable’s platform products without risk.

About Immutable zkEVM

Immutable zkEVM is a novel chain for games that offers developers EVM compatibility, high scalability, low transaction costs, and leverages Ethereum’s security to provide a seamless environment to build blockchain games. Launched by Immutable Group, the technology aims to revolutionize gaming development, providing tools and resources that enable advanced gameplay - with custom smart contracts, rich economies, and on-chain mechanics.

The platform is built on Polygon, enabling developers to create advanced tokenomic functionalities, advanced gameplay mechanics, and a gas-free model for games.

About QuickNode

QuickNode is a blockchain infrastructure solution that helps over 26+ blockchain ecosystems to scale, including DApps on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Optimism, Polygon etc. Since its launch, in 2017, the firm has worked with hundreds of developers and companies, helping scale dApps and providing high-performance access to several blockchains.

The platform makes it simpler to power blockchain applications and scale up as more users join DApps. From elastic APIs, to powerful tools & analytics, QuickNode allows users to manage their platforms through a simple control panel.


Kyle Gannon

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