Ever wished you could run endlessly through a sewer? Soon you’ll be able to—again—as Bored Ape Yacht Club maker Yuga Labs is bringing back its Dookey Dash game in a new free-to-play “Unclogged” edition thanks to a collaboration with game studio Faraway.

“Looks like Curtis needs to get the plunger out, there’s something in the toilet,” a post from Yuga Labs reads. 

The crypto startup will bring Dookey Dash back sometime this quarter, according to the post. In the single-player original Dookey Dash, gamers had to race through a 3D sewer tunnel as an ape riding a vehicle underwater to gain as many points as possible while avoiding obstacles that, if hit, would eliminate them from the game.

Unlike the first release—which required a Sewer Pass NFT on Ethereum, granted free to Bored Ape and Mutant Ape NFT owners—anyone will be able to play the sewer-themed endless runner.


Dookey Dash saw quite a bit of competition during its previous launch. Back in February 2023, the pro Fortnite player known as “Mongraal” won the first version of Dookey Dash with the highest score—and sold his winning NFT key to billionaire Adam Weitsman for $1.63 million.

That said, those who do hold Yuga Labs Ethereum NFTs like Bored Apes, Mutant Apes, Kodas, Bored Ape Kennel Club dogs, and HV-MTL Forge NFTs will be eligible for “token benefits,” according to the company. The trailer posted to Twitter shows ApeCoin logos, suggesting the Ethereum token for Yuga’s Bored Ape ecosystem will be given out as rewards. However, a Yuga Labs representative would not confirm that detail.

The new Dookey Dash: Unclogged game will be released for iOS, Android, Mac desktop, and Windows desktop users—suggesting it won’t be a web browser-based game like before. Mobile and desktop app-based games tend to run more smoothly and securely than browser-based games, so this is a win for fans of the stinky original.


A Bored Ape and gaming influencer known as The Fortnite Guy or “TFG,” who was part of the latest Dookey Dash playtest and Yuga Labs’ gaming council, added Tuesday that the game is slated for a mid-February launch and that select Yuga NFT holders may get more NFTs via the game. 

TFG showed a video that displays different playable character skins, new game vehicles, a leaderboard, and purchasable in-game currencies in the new upcoming game version. Yuga Labs’ official gaming account on Twitter shared TFG’s video.

The new version of Dookey Dash appears to offer “Coins,” “Boosters,” “Energy,” “Skip-It” passes, and other items available for purchase using fiat currency. TFG also stated that coins can be earned by playing the game.

The video also shows a new “Sewer Rank” system to show the game’s different competitive tiers. There’s Amateur at the bottom, followed by Semi-Pro, Professional, All-Star, Champion, Hall of Famer, and GOAT listed as the game’s ranked tiers, each with a different respective “boost” percentage. Players will be able to select different boosters before the game starts, with options like a “slow booster,” a “magnet booster,” and a “power shart,” for example. 

Presumably, the slow booster slows down the game to make it easier to navigate the cramped tunnels, while the magnet pulls in desirable items for the player to collect, and the “power shart” is… well, mostly likely Dookey Dash’s version of a very putrid nitro boost through the cartoonish game world.

The game’s updated version and re-release appears to be an effort to draw in the broader crypto community. Hopefully, this new version won’t suffer from quite the same levels of reported cheating and boosting as its original.

Edited by Andrew Hayward


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