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Meta Force, a developer of a unique ecosystem of products and services for virtual reality, announced the launch of the GameAF direction within its Metaverse. This is an innovative financial tool that allows you to potentially get real money in the virtual space.

“GameAF Uniteverse is supported by the Meta Force ecosystem’s own Forcecoin cryptocurrency - the major part of commissions from turnover in the game is distributed among its participants as a reward. This makes the game truly unique and exciting…” Lado Okhotnikov, CEO of Meta Force, talks about the next stage of the platform’s development.

The marketing plan of the game consists of two stages - pre-launch multi-mining of Forcecoin tokens and a subsequent permanent mechanism with payments in cryptocurrency, which the participants will choose independently. Everyone is invited to participate in the first stage to test the platform and start earning money.

Lado Okhotnikov about GameAF: earn while playing

With the advent of GameFi, it combined gaming experience and cryptocurrency. In this world, every step, every achievement in the game turns into real rewards. Participants effectively monetize their efforts by creating unique experiences that go beyond the usual entertainment boundaries.

“At GameAF, we have rethought and improved the programs that previously allowed you to earn money while playing. These updates combine marketing strategies with the possibility of receiving referral bonuses, showing participants a unique path to earning cryptocurrency,” Lado Okhotnikov spoke about a new business model with unlimited earning opportunities.

By creating a bridge between the gaming world and reality, GameAF is becoming a pioneer in an industry where every moment the user can get an opportunity to earn money. With the new concept, games become more than just entertainment, they become the key to a new level of interactive earnings opportunities.

“We believe that GameAF will be a truly revolutionary program within the Meta Force Metaverse. Anyone can now take a place in the new financial ecosystem of the future,” Lado Okhotnikov, founder of Meta Force, commented on the launch of the direction.

Users can join GameAF where each level is a new chance to get some cryptocurrency, and each bonus can become an income. The Meta Force team invites users to get immersed in a world where games are not only exciting adventures, but also guides into a new era crypto-business.

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