Sony’s PlayStation Plus subscription service offers various benefits for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 gamers, including online play and access to a library of past games at certain membership tiers. And all subscribers—from the Essential plan and up—get a few free games to download and keep each and every month.

If you're looking for the latest list of games that you can grab for free via PlayStation Plus, here’s a look at the next batch of games that Sony has announced across its consoles, along with the last drop that you can still grab for the next few days. Be sure to download them before time runs out!

From January 2, 2024 to February 5, 2024

A Plague Tale: Requiem (PS5)


Set in the horrific alt-history era of the black plague, A Plague Tale: Requiem delivers a stealth-action experience across stunning environments, as you escape soldiers (and rats!), solve puzzles, and try to survive. You'll probably want to play the first game, A Plague Tale: Innocence, before diving into this one though.

Evil West (PS5/PS4)

Not keen on a ponderous narrative experience like the one above? Luckily, Evil West looks to be focused on pure action, with a pulpy combat experience where you play as a vampire hunter taking out hordes of supernatural foes. Looks like a blast, and it's playable across PS5 and PS4 alike.

Nobody Saves the World (PS5/PS4)


Developed by the team behind the excellent Guacamelee series, Nobody Saves the World is a quirky, cartoonish action role-playing game with a vibrant aesthetic and a clear sense of humor. As one of many different "forms" with varying abilities, you'll attempt to save the world... though the winking title sounds a bit ominous in that respect.

From December 5, 2023 to January 1, 2024

Lego 2K Drive (PS5/PS4)

This colorful racing game puts a faux-plastic spin on the Forza Horizon-style open road racer, letting you cruise around in customizable cars and boats, smash your opponents into blocks, and battle for the finish line. Just released this past May, the PS5 and PS4 game saw mostly positive reviews and is ideal for families.

Powerwash Simulator (PS5/PS4)

Seemingly mundane activities—like farming or driving a semi-trailer truck—have been turned into successful video games, and Powerwash Simulator is one of the latest games in that tradition. But in this case, it’s not hard to imagine why it would be fun to use a pressure washer to blast dirt and grime off of houses, cars, and beyond. And it’s free? Even better.

Sable (PS5)


Sable is a dazzlingly presented indie game that delivers a coming-of-age story set in an open desert world, complete with gorgeous cel-shaded visuals and music from Japanese Breakfast. Reviewers mostly liked it, calling out some clunky gameplay elements and some dull spots, but this lavish journey is free in December if you have a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Edited by Ryan Ozawa

Editor's note: This story was originally published on November 29, 2023 and last updated with new info on December 27.

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