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RareSkills is proud to announce the release of a free, in-depth ebook on zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) called The RareSkills Book of Zero Knowledge.

The book is designed to provide programmers with all the information needed to code a prover and verifier from scratch that is usable in modern smart contracts.

ZKPs have emerged as one of the most significant recent innovations in Web3. Bringing enhanced privacy and scalability as well as allowing for new types of applications on blockchains, this technology has the potential to revolutionize Web3. Thus, ZKP skills have become one of the most in-demand in the market.

The State of Learning Resources for Zero Knowledge Proofs

Zero Knowledge Proofs are new and rely on mathematics very few programmers understand. This has been a significant barrier to entry in this space.

To get a sense of how small the talent pool is, the most popular Solidity repositories have tens of thousands of followers on Github, but foundational Zero Knowledge Proof libraries usually only have a few hundred.

Although educational literature for Zero Knowledge Proofs exist, they are often geared toward academic cryptographers rather than smart contract developers.

A huge contributor to this problem is the lack of advanced training resources. Much of the current material is geared toward a more beginner to intermediate audience. While this is done in a bid to attract new developers, it means Web3 engineers have a hard time finding the right materials to equip them to tackle the hardest but most impactful problems in Web3.

RareSkills intends to change this status quo when it comes to ZKPs.

Bringing Advanced Training to Web3

RareSkills is a blockchain training program for Web3 engineers looking to take their skills to the next level. Its blockchain bootcamp is the most comprehensive and rigorous in the space, designed to equip Web3 native developers with skills needed to build the next generation of web3 applications.

RareSkills has thus become a valuable resource for both blockchain engineers looking to advance their skills and companies looking to recruit or train talent.

“We have such a high level of training that senior and lead engineers study in our program. We’ve also trained engineers at major blockchain companies including Coinbase, Compound Finance, Consensys, Bancor and others,” says the founder, Jeffrey Scholz.

Continuing the spirit of being a reliable source of skill development, RareSkills is releasing the most programmer-friendly zero-knowledge proof tutorial for free. The RareSkills Book of Zero Knowledge is designed to give programmers a concrete understanding of what is needed to actually code a practical ZK-SNARK from scratch. Its free release accompanies the launch of the ZK Proofs bootcamp, a course that teaches everything needed to design and create ZK systems.

Learners receive comprehensive training, incrementally covering the topics fundamental to ZK Proofs until they build an end-to-end system from scratch in Python and Solidity. They are taught by instructors from top-caliber institutions.

About RareSkills

RareSkills is an advanced coding bootcamp that trains intermediate and advanced Web3 engineers. It is a fully remote, cohort-based, and instructor-led program that aims to offer the most comprehensive and rigorous Web3 blockchain training.

It was founded by Jeffrey Scholz, who is also the lead instructor. He is a two-time bestseller on Udemy and has previously led Yahoo’s video machine learning team. He holds a graduate degree in computational theory from Columbia University and is a technical advisor for startups and VC firms with over half a billion dollars in assets.

For more information: Website | Twitter | LinkedIn | GitHub | YouTube | Instagram


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