Tesla co-founder Elon Musk has mentioned the word "Bitcoin" once again, but this time in a rather unusual context. At 6.53 AM, UTC, he gave another glimpse—to take him at his word—into his sex life.

"Bitcoin is not my safe word," he tweeted to his 30 million followers. In just a few hours the tweet received four thousand retweets and 47,400 likes.


But with the asterixes around the word "not," it's hard to know how much "Buff Mage"—as his Twitter account is now named—is revealing. Piling on the mystery, when someone responded with a thoughtful emoji, Musk fired back with a winky-face emoji.

Perhaps the past will offer some clue to Musk's latest musings. Back in April, he said, "Cryptocurrency is my safe word." And yet, he felt it necessary to follow it up—adding that Bitcoin is not his safe word. Musk is clearly a man of mystery, playing some cryptic game on another dimension.

But if there's one thing he isn't doing, it's manipulating the price of bitcoin. (Probably for the best, after he was fined $20 million for tweeting he could take Tesla private at $420 per share—a marijuana reference made one month after smoking pot on a podcast with UFC commentator Joe Rogan). His Bitcoin tweet today didn't move the price of bitcoin an inch. It just continued on a gentle descent down towards its current value of $7,749.

After causing a storm with the Bitcoin tweet, Musk made another cryptocurrency reference. At 10.03 AM, UTC, he said, "Toss some dogecoin to ur Witcher." This is a reference to the song Toss a Coin to Your Witcher, from the Netflix series The Witcher. Dogecoin is a joke cryptocurrency invented by Jackson Palmer, which has ended up taking on a life of its own. Musk once said he was the CEO of Dogecoin.


The tweet has since been deleted—adding to the mystery.

In fact, Musk even asked Palmer to help him deal with pesky Twitter bots back in September 2018. Although, even though the crypto prices have dropped and the bots have largely left, Twitter still hasn't solved the issue.

Despite all the salacious tweets, we all know Musk doesn't need a safe word. This guy builds rockets for a living.

Update: This article has been amended to show Musk deleted the Dogecoin tweet.

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