Xbox gamers can now rep their gamertag on their credit card—and earn loot in the process. Microsoft announced the official Xbox Mastercard Monday, which allows cardholders to earn points that can be redeemed on Xbox’s website. 

Barclays is issuing the card, which will only be available for United States-based members of the Xbox Insider Program when the card launches on September 24. The Xbox Insider Program is a feedback program from Microsoft that lets gamers share their thoughts on Xbox updates, features, and games.

Like many credit cards, the amount of points earned for purchases varies depending on purchase type. Unsurprisingly, Xbox and Microsoft-related purchases will earn cardholders the most points, gaining five times the points for every dollar spent.


Streaming service purchases, such as subscriptions to Netflix or Disney+, will earn users three times the normal points, as will orders from food delivery services like Grubhub and Doordash. All other purchases will grant users the normal amount of points for every dollar spent, plus cardholders get a 5,000 point bonus with their first transaction.

There are five different design options for the Xbox Mastercard, including white, multiple different green and black combinations, and a purple, blue, and fuchsia combo. Gamers will also have the option to add their Xbox Live gamertags to their cards, according to the announcement.

Cardholders also earn three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service (valued at about $51) after their first card purchase, but the subscription can also be gifted to a friend if desired.

The Xbox Mastercard has no annual fees, but users will be charged for balance transfers, cash advances, foreign transactions, returned payments, and late payments on their cards. While the exclusive rollout begins later this month, the card will become available to all Xbox gamers sometime next year.


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