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Stardust’s mission to enable game developers’ success in web3 continues to drive innovation for the next era of games, creating the most scalable, secure, and compliant blockchain infrastructure solution.

Stardust, the scalable, secure and compliant blockchain infrastructure platform that empowers game developers to scale to millions of players and NFTs, expanded their platform with a new Wallets-as-a-Service (WaaS) offering. Stardust WaaS offer game developers the full flexibility they need to use any token, on any EVM-compatible chain, with any smart contract.

A core challenge that game developers face when building with blockchain is building a seamless user experience, where a player can join a blockchain game as easily as opening an app and starting to play with no extra steps needed. With Stardust’s Wallets-as-a-Service product, game developers have complete and frictionless control over the player onboarding experience, smart contracts, and NFTs. In addition, game developers no longer have to ask users to sign up, remember a pass-phrase, or a pin-code; millions of players can now have crypto wallets in seconds. When designing this product for blockchain game developers, Stardust leveraged ethers.js, a popular EVM based client library to allow game developers to integrate Stardust Wallets-as-a-Service with their existing code.

Stardust’s Wallets-as-a-Service product is currently leveraged by MetaDOS:

We evaluated 10+ custodial wallet providers and decided to partner with Stardust due to their Wallet-as-a-Service product being the most simple to integrate with our custom Web3 architecture. - Anh Lee, COO & co-founder of DOS Labs.

MetaDOS is a next-gen Battle Royale game powered by @DOS_Chain, a zero-gas chain running on an @AVAX subnet. Check them out!” @PlayMetaDOS

“Game developers need a way to onboard millions of players quickly & seamlessly”, says Stardust CEO Canaan Linder, “With Stardust’s Wallets-as-a-Service product, games built with blockchain can scale faster to their existing non-blockchain equivalents”.

For more information about Stardust Wallets-as-a-Service (WaaS) reach out to the Stardust team to discuss your unique needs and get a live demo: or email

About Stardust

Stardust has built the most scalable, secure, and compliant gaming infrastructure platform, streamlining blockchain and NFT integration for developers and players at scale. Stardust’s mission is to enable game developers’ success in web3, by empowering them to build on blockchain faster, increasing revenue and player retention. Headquartered and incorporated in Palo Alto, California, Stardust supports major gaming studios like Midnight Society, Pixels, Tilting Point, Cosmic Foundry, Stillfront, and many more.

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