Tesla's founder and CEO Elon Musk has lost one of the company’s leading in-house litigators, according to a document filed in federal court today.

As it happens, the change in lineup comes after a letter from Musk’s legal team was leaked to New York Post last week. The publication described the correspondence as “a nasty missive.”

Adam Gabor Mehes, the departing attorney, has motioned for leave to withdraw counsel in Musk’s $258 billion lawsuit relating to an alleged Dogecoin (DOGE) market manipulation case. The Manhattan lawyer had been on board for a little under one year, actively participating in a wide variety of legal actions the former CEO of Twitter was involved in. 

And on Friday, there was another court filing: Tesla’s legal team was adding a new attorney to the team that is representing Musk in the lawsuit: Allison Huebert. Huebert was most recently a litigation associate for the Quinn Emanuel law firm.


Musk tweeted last year his company was building a “hardcore litigation department,” recruiting Gabor Mehes a few months later, reported Bloomberg Legal. 

Embroiled in a lengthy and controversial class-action lawsuit, Musk has repeatedly denied allegations of market manipulation and insider trading involving the meme coin. A group of DOGE investors accuse him of leveraging his social media account to pump the coin after his appearance on NBC’s Saturday Night Live. 

Last week, another of Musk’s attorneys, Alex Shapiro, denied allegations that the billionaire owning several digital wallets containing millions of dollars worth of Dogecoin, according to the New York Post

The legal actions against Musk himself have not been an impediment for him to use Tesla’s company litigators for his personal defense. The billionaire mogul has not shied away from the controversy, either, creating an email address dubbed justice@tesla.com.


What additional litigation remains to emerge from the self-proclaimed “Dogefather” and “Dogecoin CEO” is anybody’s guess. We can expect, however, for his legal team to be well-staffed and prepped for action.

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