Artists, builders, investors, and thought leaders of the crypto world convened at Faena Forum in Miami on Wednesday for the inaugural Crypties Awards Gala, where Decrypt Studios recognized achievements in the blockchain ecosystem. Nearly 4,000 people voted for the awards in the token-gated process.

At the private VIP event, guests were entertained by emcee Josh Ostrovsky, aka @TheFatJewish, and enjoyed cocktails and canapés—while the award categories themselves highlighted artists, collections, DAOs, and industry leaders for their business and social impact in the Web3 space.


The evening was sponsored by Polygon, Filecoin Foundation, Lamina1, Async, BeetsDAO, The Gold Mask, Gem Set, Breakout, Anonymous, Infinite Objects, Ape Water, Decentralized Pictures, and Vault 721.

Read on for some peeks at how the evening progressed—and to see who the winners were.

Attendees arrived at The Crypties. Image: Decrypt


Guests mingled over welcome drinks. Image: Decrypt


Attendees took their seats for the award ceremony. Image: Decrypt


The Fat Jewish entertained the crowd with a roast of the industry. Image: Decrypt


There was lots of laughter. Image: Decrypt


A view of the ceremony from above. Image: Decrypt


The banquet hall awaited. Image: Decrypt


The Fat Jewish had multiple costume changes throughout the night. Image: Decrypt


The afterparty got underway. Image: Decrypt


Exploring the metaverse. Image: Decrypt

The Awards

Game of the Year: Crypto Unicorns

Katrina Wolfe accepted the Cryptie for Crypto Unicorns. Image: Decrypt


Presenter Avery Akkineni of Vayner3 with Katrina Wolfe of Crypto Unicorns. Image: Decrypt

Social Impact Award: Celo

Marek Olszewski accepted the Cryptie for Celo. Image: Decrypt


Celo's Marek Olszewski with presenter Dan Roberts of Decrypt. Image: Decrypt

DeFi Project of the Year: Lens Protocol

Bradley Freeman and Christina Beltramini accepted the Cryptie for Lens Protocol. Image: Decrypt


Lens Protocol's Claire Isabelle Mirran, Bradley Freeman (third from left), and Christina Beltramini with presenter Jordan Garbis of BeetsDAO. Image: Decrypt

Metaverse Event of the Year: People of Crypto: Metaverse Pride Parade

Simone Berry and Akbar Hamid accepted the Cryptie for People of Crypto. Image: Decrypt


Simone Berry and Akbar Hamid with presenter Toni Thai Sterrett of Bad Grrls Creative Club. Image: Decrypt

Mainstream Award: Doodles x Shopify

Akbar Hamid and Shirley Cedeno accepted the Cryptie on behalf of Doodles. Image: Decrypt


Akbar Hamid, presenters Gabriela Ramos Lilic and Igor Lilic of Breakout, and Shirley Cedeno. Image: Decrypt

Diversity Award: BFF

Rachel Weiss and Jackie Courtney accepted the Cryptie on behalf of BFF. Image: Decrypt Media


Jackie Courtney, Rachel Weiss, and presenter Rebecca Barkin of Lamina1. Image: Decrypt

Investor of the Year: Coinbase Ventures

Shan Aggarwal accepted the Cryptie for Coinbase Ventures. Image: Decrypt


Shan Aggarwal of Coinbase Ventures with presenter Amanda Cassatt of Serotonin. Image: Decrypt

DAO of the Year: ENS DAO

Roxy Fata of Infinite Objects presented the Cryptie to ENS DAO, which was unable to accept in person. Image: Decrypt

NFT Project of the Year: Bored Ape Yacht Club

Illa Da Producer accepted the Cryptie for Bored Ape Yacht Club. Image: Decrypt


Illa Da Producer of Yuga Labs. Image: Decrypt

Industry Achievement Award: Erick Calderon, Art Blocks

Art Blocks founder Erick Calderon received the Cryptie for Industry Achievement. Image: Decrypt


Art Blocks founder Erick Calderon and presenter Clara Tsao of Filecoin Foundation. Image: Decrypt

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