Litecoin price and EOS price have risen 6% today in an otherwise flat crypto market. Litecoin has broken the $60 mark, rising up to $61.65 today while EOS is up 6.3%, to $3.46.

The majority of coins are in the green but only slightly, with the price of Bitcoin up just 1% in the last 24 hours.

However, both Litecoin and EOS are still in longterm downtrends, coming off the back of a wave of interest in May that saw the price of each coin quadruple. Since then, both coins have declined considerably and are nearly back down to prices last seen at the start of the year.


With Litecoin, this surge surprisingly comes following news that its hash rate has dropped by 60% since its halving—when the new supply of Litecoin was cut in half. This means that the security of its network is worsening, making it easier for it to be attacked.

EOS may still be riding on the new wave of interest in China for blockchain technology, caused by China President Xi Jinping's speech two weeks ago, which has led to price rises for cryptocurrencies largely based in China. Last week, China's Center for Information and Industry Development released its latest cryptocurrency rankings, putting EOS in top position. But despite China's blockchain fever, it remains to be seen if it can turn EOS' long term price slump around.

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