TapSwap is getting a lot of attention as one of the next big tap-to-earn Telegram games that’s set to launch a token on The Open Network (TON). Following the success of Notcoin and its airdrop, over 50 million players have started earning in-game coins within TapSwap. 

The core mechanics of the game are straightforward: You tap the screen to earn in-game coins, and you can only tap until your energy bar is depleted. That said, there are still some tips and tricks you can use to get ahead in the game before the upcoming TapSwap airdrop.

Complete tasks

TapSwap offers special tasks that let you earn huge piles of bonus coins. As of this writing, there’s a task that offers 200,000 coins for joining a community Telegram channel, and another with 600,000 coins for following TapSwap on social media.


Usually, we wouldn’t dive into tasks like this until the end of the guide, but because of the amount of bonus points you can receive from completing these tasks, it’s important to knock them out first. This way, you potentially start off with 800,000 coins and immediately purchase the TapBot and other key upgrades before you spend too much time tapping.

Use your boosters

If you’ve played any of the similar Telegram tap-to-earn games, then you already know all about boosters. In TapSwap, you get two free types of daily boosters, and each booster has three charges. After you’ve depleted the daily supply of each boost, then you’ll have to wait for them to replenish.

The boosters available in TapSwap are called Tapping Guru and Full Tank. Tapping Guru gives you a temporary boost in how many points you earn per tap, and also freezes your energy bar for a brief duration of time. Full Tank refills your energy bar so you can keep tapping even after your energy is depleted. 

If you’re hoping to maximize their point, then you should be using these boosters whenever they’re available.

Screenshots from TapSwap. Image: Decrypt

Buy the upgrades

There are three types of upgrades you can purchase with your earned coins in TapSwap: Multitap, Energy Limit, and Recharging Speed. Purchasing a Multitap upgrade increases the amount of coins you earn per tap, while the Energy Limit upgrade increases how many taps you can enter before running out of steam. Recharging Speed, then, increases the rate at which your energy bar refills.


Purchasing these upgrades increases the speed at which you're able to earn points, so invest in them as soon as you can afford them. You’re spending money to make money… and it’s not real money anyway, at least not at this point when the token hasn’t launched. You've got time to make it up.

Get TapBot ASAP

If you didn’t use the coins you received from completing tasks to buy the TapBot, then do it as soon as you rack up the 200,000 coins needed. TapBot passively taps for you and earns coins while you’re not playing the game, which means you can do nothing and still earn a bunch of coins. It’ll keep piling up coins for 12 hours, so do check in at least a couple times per day.

Invite your pals

Finally, gaming is almost always better with friends. TapBot offers referral perks in the form of bonus coin bounties for inviting friends to the game. You earn coins based on your friends’ activity, so a friend who plays a lot will earn you more than a friend who doesn’t. But you can also earn coins for completing tasks related to hitting certain referral milestones.

Edited by Andrew Hayward

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