According to the page, GameStop is still in the process of hiring new employees for its non-fungible token (NFT) project.

“We welcome exceptional engineers (solidity, react, python), designers, gamers, marketers, and community leaders,” the website stated. Last month, the company also announced that it sought a security analyst with crypto and NFTs experience.

Shares of GameStop (GME), which was having financial difficulties due to the pandemic, skyrocketed at the beginning of 2021, thanks to a coordinated effort from Reddit users. At the time, a short squeeze orchestrated by the WallStreetBets subreddit managed to bankrupt some Wall Street hedge funds and turned GME into a “meme stock.”


While it is currently unclear what the NFT project will be, the landing page contains a link to an Ethereum smart contract named “Gamestop” with the “Gamestop (GME)” tracker. 

Notably, the contract supports both Ethereum’s ERC-20 (“regular” tokens) and ERC-721 (non-fungible tokens) standards. The contract was submitted for verification to Etherscan on May 25.

GameStop’s contract has received two NFTs so far—a card from blockchain game Gods Unchained and a “CryptoKitty” from the eponymous NFT platform. The transaction history also shows 40 incoming ETH transactions from various addresses. However, all of them failed due to insufficient gas. 

The contract also holds $80 worth of (HOGE) tokens.

Endless runner game on GameStop's landing page. Source: GameStop NFT.
Endless runner game on GameStop's landing page. Source: GameStop NFT.

Interestingly, the landing page contained a hidden “Easter egg” in the form of a small white pixel on the top right corner. When visitors click the dot, an “endless runner” game opens, featuring what appears to be a black cat wearing a banana suit and a red bow tie. 


To score more points, players needed to jump over various obstacles such as rocks, satellite dish facilities, and giant flying jellyfish.

It’s unclear if the game has anything to do with GameStop’s NFT ambitions.

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