Decrypt is now a verified publisher on crypto-friendly browser Brave, which enables our readers to donate to us using the Basic Attention token. In so doing, we join 20,000 other publishers at well known and respected news sites—as well as LADBible.

Brave is a security-focused web browser that blocks web trackers by default, helping you to stay anonymous online. It has a native crypto wallet that allows users to store its BAT token and spend it within the browser, as well as withdraw it to an external wallet. One of its main uses is to tip content creators, including news sites, within the browser—making it easy to support great online content. Could this be the end of clickbait?

Signing up with Brave was Decrypt’s first move to more closely integrate with the crypto ecosystem. One idea we had when we launched this site was that it could be a proving ground for all sorts of decentralized applications, and it’s been designed with that in mind. We plan to add many more features in the coming months to test elements of Web 3 and ensure they work in practice.

So, watch this space. If you have any ideas about features we ought to consider, let us know at And if you like what you see and read here, please consider tipping us.


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