Crypto exchange Zebpay is offering zero-fee trading, with no minimum balance needed in users’ wallets, and no trading limits, it announced today. This would make it the first major exchange to provide “true, zero-fee trading,” with no restrictions, it claimed.

“Zero-fees on trading is a major milestone for the company today,” said Ajeet Khurana, CEO of Zebpay, in a press release. The exchange’s mission, he added, is to “liberate crypto from the shackles of trading fees, and to reduce the friction for all those who are new to crypto.”

Zebpay initially launched in 2015 in India and was one of the country’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. Its share of the Indian market was more than 50 percent of the country’s six million cryptocurrency investors. Then India’s ban on cryptocurrencies came into force, in September 2018, and Zebpay made an abrupt decision to exit the country amid subsequent regulatory uncertainty. The move sent tremors across the local market.

But the exchange hasn’t wasted time. It relocated its offices to Malta and Singapore, before expanding further into Europe, Asia and South America.


Uncertainty continues to dog the Indian crypto industry. Earlier this week, the Indian Supreme Court gave the government four weeks to produce crypto regulations, to curb the mass exodus. Meanwhile, crypto haven Malta’s door is open wide.

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