A Chainlink fan who accidentally sent $50,000 to the wrong Ethereum address has received $11,000 in crypto from the community, he claimed on Twitter.

Dawidkabani13 on December 11 sent $47,000 worth of Chainlink (LINK) to the smart contracts of Aavegotchi, a crypto collectibles game based around DeFi lending platform Aave. 

But dawidkabani13 had made a mistake: the Ethereum-based smart contract didn’t support his deposits and there was no way for Aavegotchi to wire him the money back.


So dawidkabani13 asked the community for help. Aavegotchi on December 12 set up a donation page for the user—”a father, GotchiGang member and Link Marine”—and called the wallet “SantaGotchi.” 

“Many of us have had our own learning experiences with crypto, and this can easily be shrugged off as another case of “lesson learned.” BUT just because this situation is not amendable on a technical level, doesn’t mean we as a community, in the spirit of charity and goodwill, can’t do something kind for this poor chap,” said Aavegotch in a blog post on December 12.

This past Sunday, the co-founder of Aavegotchi, Jesse Johnson, said that he’d received $11,000 on Christmas day from over 200 deposits.


No word yet on how much he's received since then. But anyone who donated more than $20 would receive a free virtual hat.

A fren in need is a fren indeed.

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