In brief

  • Podcasters Adam Curry and Joe Rogan discussed Bitcoin on the Joe Rogan Experience.
  • Curry said Bitcoin battles inflation and allows people to be their own bank.
  • However, he wasn't able to change Rogan's mind.

Adam Curry gave a stark warning as he spoke on the Joe Rogan Experience—the popular podcast hosted by American comedian Joe Rogan—on Tuesday. And he offered some kind of a solution.

“The apocalypse is coming, and you’re gonna need a Bitcoin. At least one,” Curry told Rogan.

Curry, who heralded Bitcoin back in 2011 (he’s a self-confessed believer) and even dabbled in mining the then-obscure asset, said that holding Bitcoin was a better bet than storing money at traditional banks.


He noted that even startups from Silicon Valley were similarly competing against banks by providing their own lucrative deals, such as negative interest rates that pay the customer to take a loan.

Rogan had previously fielded an advertisement for Bitcoin wallet app Cash App on his show in August, hosted Morgan Creek Digital partner Anthony Pompliano and was once gifted a whole Bitcoin by Bitcoin educator Andreas Antonopoulous. But despite all of that, he still had some outright reservations.

“Here’s the question about Bitcoin. Why can’t a competing cryptocurrency (arise)? And isn’t there some sort of manipulation we have seen with all the other (crypto) currencies,” said Rogan.

But Curry held out Bitcoin’s long-standing position in the crypto market to answer that. “Ten years...and Bitcoin has been the only one you can not manipulate. All other coins are based off of it,” he said.


Curry also cited the rampant inflation of the US dollar in the past decades as a reason. He told Rogan, as an example, that one could purchase a new truck back in the 1970s for $5,000, but that money may not be enough for the same product now. And unlike the dollar, Bitcoin’s value has only gained.

But Rogan didn’t seem convinced.

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