In brief

  • Torus' new Chrome extension promises a new and improved user experience.
  • Users will be able to access decentralized apps directly from the Chrome browser with this extension.
  • The extension also increases security for users through tKey, a key management system.

Torus, a company invested in mainstreaming decentralized technology, has today announced the release of the Torus Chrome Extension in beta version. This extension allows users to use dapps decentralized apps (dapps) within the Chrome browser itself. 

The Torus Chrome Extension is built on top of Metamask, a crypto wallet and gateway to blockchain applications. The Torus team said they built their extension that way in order to avoid compromised wallets and financial loss. 

“Today, while standing on the shoulders of giants, we’re proud to launch the Torus Chrome Extension, a fork of Metamask that’s deeply integrated with Torus’ single sign-on wallet and 2FA key management functionalities,” Torus said, in a statement. 


The extension is also integrated with Torus’ wallet. For a user to access their wallet, a single click from their Google account will allow them to log in directly. Two-factor authentication means that a user will then be prompted to authenticate with the decentralized app, or the exchange that is being used. 

This process is designed to streamline user experience, but the Torus Chrome Extension aims to provide greater security options for its users. Using tKey, a key management system, users’ keys can be split up, providing an added layer of security. 

There is no need to create a Torus account after downloading the Torus Chrome Extension. Account creation is done automatically by Torus when a user authenticates for the first time. This is achieved using a combination of signatures and the company’s distributed key generation network.

But as legitimate apps continue to grow in the Chrome Extension Store, it still needs to weed out the fake ones.

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