We've all heard of the cryptocurrency named after a dog, but a dog named after a cryptocurrency? In a move very few people would have cared to anticipate, a Redditor has named his dog Bitcoin, after the cryptocurrency—Bitcoin.

Taking to Reddit yesterday evening, one crypto aficionado posted a picture holding Bitcoin (the dog, not the digital asset—see it’s confusing already). Seeing the opportunity for a few mediocre puns, a myriad of Reddit's finest came out in full form to gawk, praise, and wisecrack in equal measure.

Guy names his dog Bitcoin
A picture of Bitcoin and Bitcoin's owner. Image: Reddit.

"Do you keep Bitcoin on chain or off chain?" wrote a technologically savvy Redditor.


"Watch out for large dumps," replied another, presumably a crypto trader.

Bitcoin's namesakes

Bitcoin isn't the first dog to be named after the pioneering cryptocurrency. In fact, since the 2017 bull run, there seems to have been a spike in doggos dubbed Bitcoin. 

"My grandad has named the new dog Bitcoin. F**KING BITCOIN. Are you having a laugh," wrote an outraged Twitteratti in early 2018. 

"My cousin got a dog and named her “Biggie Bitcoin”," another tweeted. 


However, if you're sitting there thinking: 'it's still better than naming your kid after Bitcoin,' we have some unfortunate news for you.

In 2017, shortly before Bitcoin's blow-off top, a Crimean couple called their newborn son "Bitcoin." According to the boy's father, the naming was done in "gratitude to the crypto industry."

Still, anything beats X Æ A-12... 

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