In brief

  • Hyperledger Besu, PegaSys Plus, and PegaSys Orchestrate will soon be on Microsoft Azure Marketplace, said ConsenSys.
  • The additions should give blockchain developers more options for managing Ethereum-based networks.
  • ConsenSys and Microsoft are both founding members of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

ConsenSys announced today that its PegaSys Ethereum suite is coming to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

The suite of tools features Hyperledger Besu, an open-source Ethereum client for enterprises; its commercial cousin, PegaSys Plus, for power users; and PegaSys Orchestrate, for managing everything from accounts to smart contracts on Ethereum.

Microsoft Azure Marketplace is like an app store for developers, who can purchase software licenses or sample products that help them build their own tools. Its blockchain listings already include Microsoft products such as Azure Blockchain Service and Ethereum on Azure. It also allows partners such as Kadena, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, and Parity Technologies to place products on the marketplace.

ConsenSys is a Brooklyn-based Ethereum incubator; it also funds Decrypt, which is editorially independent from it.


The PegaSys Ethereum suite will join Truffle, another ConsenSys product, on the marketplace. Moreover, the Microsoft Blockchain Development Kit for Ethereum—an extension for launching smart contracts on the network—now incorporates Hyperledger Besu. 

The principal program manager of blockchain engineering for Microsoft, Yorke E. Rhodes III, says, he's glad to have PegaSys join: "Continuing to advance the enterprise quality and tooling for blockchain networks and development is core to serving the needs of customers using Azure. In combination with the VS Code Blockchain DevKit for Ethereum, a new standard for blockchain development has been set."

According to a ConsenSys spokesperson, "These offerings will help developers deploy multi-node networks with explorers, monitoring, and dashboards to run the tools needed to manage a fully-fledged Enterprise Ethereum network."

Dan Heyman of the PegaSys team said there's already been over 130,000 downloads of the suite—with 200+ enterprise networks built with Besu. The addition of the suite to the marketplace will not only increase its visibility but improve developers' experience. Heyman stated, "Our close collaboration with Microsoft improves our performance on Azure as well as lays the foundation for deeper collaboration on future Ethereum offerings."


This is the latest step in ConsenSys' partnership with Microsoft. The two tech companies worked together as founding members of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance to create the very enterprise Ethereum client specification that Hyperledger Besu uses. 

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