Though distributed apps are starting to be available, consumer uptake has been pretty tepid so far. That’s because they’re difficult to use and most people are unaware of their benefits. The 750 devs attending ETHBerlin want to change all that, and have selected their top 10 candidates.   

Read our story here, and check out the hot list below.


A platform for users to browse, chat and make payments.


Gnosis Olympia

A beta version of a prediction market platform using play-money.


A live streaming network for video content. 


A video platform designed to reward content creators. 

Winding Tree

A travel ecosystem giving commission-free access to hotels. 

Bounties Network

Uses deposits to make sure attendees turn up to events. 


Block Party

A way to outsource tasks from coding to social marketing.


Generates income from spare computer power. 


A way to monetize or incentivize open source work.

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