In brief

  • Brave has launched a crypto widget for Binance.
  • It lets users handle their Binance affairs.
  • More widgets are on the way, says Brave.

The world’s biggest cryptocurrency-friendly browser, Brave, today integrated a trading widget that taps into the world’s biggest and — to get the PR chumps back on our side — most noteworthy cryptocurrency exchange, Binance.

The widget is the “first exchange-browser integration of its kind,” Brave said in a blog post. It lets Brave users buy, convert and deposit cryptocurrency from Binance, as well as see how much cryptocurrency they have deposited on Binance. Any Americans using the widget must make do with Binance.US.

What distinguishes Binance’s widget is that the “widget content is built into the Brave desktop browser and is not loaded from Binance or any other server,” Catherine Corre, Brave’s Head of Communications told Decrypt. This, said Corre, protects a user’s privacy, since Binance’s servers will only interact with the widget if the user’s signed in through the browser.


Of course, a widget is…a widget, and this one is produced in Binance’s signature style of cumbersome. Click “buy” on the widget, and you’ll get taken to...Binance’s website. And, to preview conversion prices, you’ll have to reroute to...Binance’s website.

The widget is the latest cryptocurrency partnership for Brave; the browser also has its own cryptocurrency, the Basic Attention Token. Each of its 13 million users is eligible to receive the Basic Attention Token, a cryptocurrency that rewards users for, among other things, watching advertisements.

Binance has been Brave’s champion ever since it announced the browser integration back on March 24. Changpeng Zhao, CEO of the monster crypto exchange, tweeted on April 10 that Brave’s browser will protect your privacy: “You just have to install the @brave browser.”

Brave has no plans to stay exclusive to Binance, however; “We plan on offering more widgets and will be sharing details soon,” said Corre.


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