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In the fast-paced world of decentralized exchanges (DEXs), trading volumes have surged to $6 billion daily, fueled by the burgeoning interest in memecoins.

Metadapp's Smart Trading Platform equips on-chain traders with sophisticated tools like automation strategies, in-depth on-chain analysis, and the ability to copy-trade smart money wallets. Metadapp ensures traders can maintain a competitive edge in an ever-evolving and complex market.

Integrated Trading Solutions Now Accessible Through Metadapp

Historically, trading tools were dispersed across various platforms, making cohesive trading strategy execution challenging. Metadapp addresses this gap by offering an integrated solution where traders can access multiple tools in one place, enhancing both strategy development and execution.

Key Features of Metadapp's Smart Trading Platform:

  • Copy Trading: Users can emulate the strategies of successful traders, leveraging insights that were once available only to the elite. This feature levels the playing field by democratizing access to successful trading patterns.
  • Wallet Analysis: Metadapp’s algorithms index the blockchain to track trades, analyze patterns, and measure the historical PnL of target addresses, equipping novice traders with insights into the minds (and wallets) of veterans.
  • Metabots: As Metadapp’s premier product, Metabots revolutionizes the on-chain trading landscape by functioning as a versatile, cross-platform automated tool. It is designed to simplify and unify the on-chain trading experience, setting a new standard for market interactions.

Metadapp shines by offering traders a comprehensive suite of Metabot features, ensuring versatility and control:

  • Cross-Platform Capabilities
  • Telegram Integration
  • Automated Trading Strategies
  • Private Transactions
  • Automated Dollar Cost Averaging
  • Ape Mode

About Metadapp

Metadapp is the go-to “everything” app for on-chain users and traders alike, democratizing access to powerful tools for users of all experience levels.

Metadapp’s innovative points system, revenue sharing, and Superuser program are designed to ensure every interaction with the protocol is valuable for early beta users and newcomers alike.

With a team experienced in Crypto and partnerships with Alchemy, KoiPond, and various angel investors, Metadapp aims to become a tool used by every on-chain trader.

Metadapp’s LBP on Fjord Foundry

Metadapp is excited to introduce its Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) on Fjord Foundry, a pioneering platform that provides a transparent, equitable way for projects to raise capital. This method ensures fair token distribution and dynamic price setting, allowing open participation for all interested parties.

$MDP is a deflationary utility token that will offer many benefits including revenue sharing, staking opportunities, and various discounts.

14% of the $MDP supply will be up for grabs in the upcoming LBP for Metadapp on Fjord Foundry. Top 50 LBP participants will be rewarded with Superuser status, 100k Metapoints and, most lucratively, Airdrops from upcoming partner projects that match the size of their LBP contributions.

Their LBP started at 12PM UTC on April 15 and will continue until 12PM UTC on April 18. Users can secure their allocation here.



Disclaimer: Press release sponsored by our commercial partners.

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