Crypto games aren't going away—they're on the go! 

SuiPlay0x1 is an upcoming handheld device that will let you play crypto games, following in the footsteps of the Solana Saga smartphone as a network-branded device but with more of a gaming focus. Entering a market with competitors like the Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch, gaming startup Playtron is looking to shake up the game by bringing "seamless" Web3 functionality.

The price point hasn't been announced, but Decrypt's GG was told that it'll be an "incredibly good price" with it possibly even being subsidized with incentives to bring players in. But what is there to know about the device? We've got you covered. Here’s everything we’ve learned so far.

What is SuiPlay0x1?


The child of a collaboration between Playtron and Mysten Labs, the creators of the Sui blockchain, the SuiPlay0x1 is the first handheld gaming device that has "native Web3 capabilities" built in while also running traditional PC games.

Slated for worldwide release sometime in 2025, the device will integrate the Sui blockchain into the device's account system. While crypto gaming is a prominent focus, the developers promise that gamers will still be able to boot up non-crypto titles across a range of PC storefronts.

Which games will play on it?

No specific titles have been confirmed for the SuiPlay0x1 yet. But it's safe to assume a large amount (if not all) of the Sui games will be available on the device. 

Some of the most notable games on the Sui network are the PvP tank brawler Panzerdogs, third-person competitive shooter Bushi, and community party platform Byte City.


Back in May last year, Mysten Labs Head of Gaming Partnerships Anthony Palma told Decrypt's GG that there were over 40 games being built on Sui—many of them still have yet to release.

"Sui's lineup of integrated partner games is ever-evolving and many are unannounced," Mysten Labs wrote about the device. "Rest assured, SuiPlay0x1 users will see Sui-integrated games that will interact closely with the Playtron operating system."

Crypto gaming might be the focus for this console but it still promises to be able to play regular PC titles. What games will be able to run will come down to the hardware inside the device. Mysten Labs and Playtron said that it can play crypto games from other blockchains besides Sui, too, though they won’t have the same level of network integration onboard.

What is Playtron OS?

The SuiPlay0x1 will run the Linux-based gaming operating system (OS) called Playtron. This OS aims to be more optimized to the general gamer's needs than the Steam and Windows operating systems.

A key feature of Playtron is that developers do not need to design their game(s) specifically for the Playtron operating system. If developers want to enable Web3 features, Playtron claims the process is "seamless," requiring little effort to integrate Sui wallets. 

Playtron will be making "community tools available for contribution" and says it strongly believes in the open-source ethos—although it's unclear if the OS itself will be open source. Additionally, the OS is not specific to one device or company, rather it will be available across a range of products starting later this year. It can even be flashed onto the Steam Deck and other existing devices.

The SuiPlay0x1 is Playtron's first venture into creating handheld devices and aims to "showcase the power of Playtron and what a deeper Web3 integration at the game and the OS level can look like."

How is Sui integrated?

Sui will be integrated on the "OS account level", which means that your login will be connected with a Sui wallet on the backend. Then any activity you perform on your device can be broadcasted to the Sui blockchain.


"This will provide the deepest integration of blockchain technology we've seen with a physical device's OS and will provide new layers of functionality for users," Playtron said in a release.

It is unclear if you will be able to extract your keys from this account-based model. 

What incentives are there?

The SuiPlay0x1 has drawn comparisons to the Solana Saga smartphone—something both Playtron and Mysten have acknowledged. The Saga used token airdrops and other incentives as a way to create a die-hard fanbase. This is a lesson that the SuiPlay0x1 is learning from.

"We absolutely will give incentives for people to buy the device,” Chief Product Officer at Mysten Labs, Adeniyi Abiodun, told Decrypt. "We think ultimately the ecosystem of these players will become super valuable long-term, so that investment is a no-brainer from our perspective."

As happened with the last remaining Saga phones, Mysten Labs plans to subsidize the cost of the handheld console to draw people into the ecosystem. While Abiodun specifically mentioned tokens, a Mysten Labs representative clarified that there could be other kinds of incentives in play for buyers.

“This is potentially an opportunity to open the gates to folks that might not have really engaged with crypto before,” said Playtron co-founder and CEO Kirt McMaster. “But it's the first time to get this class of device, and for an incredibly good price.”

Edited by Andrew Hayward

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