Solana-based shooter Nyan Heroes is offering double the “MEOW” points in its current play-to-airdrop campaign this weekend, 9 Lives Interactive said on Friday, providing added incentive for players to check out the current pre-alpha PC demo on the Epic Games Store.

Gamers looking to participate in the boosted play-to-airdrop event have from March 30 until April 1 to earn double the standard rewards points for playing the game and completing missions, the company said.

Nyan Heroes players can earn MEOW points for playing the game until the pre-alpha demo is removed from Epic Games on April 9, and those points will eventually convert into an allocation of the upcoming NYAN token on Solana.

"Play-to-airdrop" refers to recent campaigns by blockchain games that incentivize players by dangling potential token rewards in front of them. In Nyan Heroes, players can earn MEOW points towards the airdrop by completing in-game missions based on things like getting wins, running along walls, and respawning your cat’s mech suit after it’s destroyed.


The pre-alpha demo version of Nyan Heroes launched on the Epic Game Store for PC on Tuesday. Developed by 9 Lives Interactive, Nyan Heroes is a team-based shooter akin to Overwatch that utilizes the Solana blockchain for its digital assets.

In Nyan Heroes, players take on the role of feline mech pilots. With excitement around Nyan Heroes growing, 9 Lives Interactive announced a partnership with G2 Esports on Wednesday.

“Solana games are going mainstream,” the Solana Foundation tweeted Tuesday. “After becoming the #7 game on the Epic Games Store wishlist, Nyan Heroes is now live and open for anyone to play!”


The Solana blockchain has become a go-to network for crypto games thanks to its low cost and high transaction speeds. In January, the anticipated Solana-based space-faring game Star Atlas held a 1,000-player stress test on its private service.

Currently one of the top five cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, the proof-of-stake blockchain Solana’s SOL token rose 12% this week to a price of above $191 at present.

Edited by Andrew Hayward

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