History will record Web2 as the Dark Ages of the internet era. With the rise of big platforms such as Meta, Google, X (formerly known as Twitter), and TikTok, networking technology—which was supposed to connect and empower all of us—has in fact done the opposite. 

This is not news.

Most of us know that every time we consume web content, we’re getting ripped off. The economic model of Web2 is based on the value of our attention. The deal with the devil we do with social media platforms is we give them that—plus all the personal data about what we like and who we are—and in exchange, we get user-created entertainment, information, and a place to hang out with our friends and family.

Help is on the way.

Since we announced our pending merger, Decrypt and Rug Radio have outlined our plan to create a media ecosystem that benefits consumers, publishers, and advertisers—not just the platform. Last week, Decrypt Media Inc. announced the first leg of that journey: Content+, a groundbreaking application designed to transform how our more than 5 million users interact with digital content across our ecosystem, which includes Rug Radio, Decrypt news, GG, Scene, Emerge, Decrypt U, and Degen Alley.

Open to beta users in May, and available as a browser extension and a Progressive Web App (PWA), Content+ aims to disrupt the Web2 content consumption landscape by rewarding user engagement and enhancing content discoverability.

Revolutionizing Engagement

Content+ is crafted to increase user interactions with our diverse content offerings, from in-depth articles to immersive courses. By integrating a universal tracking system, the application monitors and rewards users for their engagement across various platforms, including Decrypt’s own domain and third-party social networks including YouTube, TikTok, X, Threads, and, well, you name it.

The innovative features of Content+ include:

  • Quests and Streaks: Users can complete specific actions to earn points and receive additional rewards for continuous engagement, fostering a habit of regular content interaction.
  • Points Shop: A rewards catalog offers users the chance to redeem their points for exclusive content, partner products, and event tickets, enhancing the value of every interaction.
  • Points Swap: This feature allows users to convert their engagement points into tokens, adding a layer of flexibility and investment in the DASTAN ecosystem.
  • Content Recommendation: Leveraging user data, Content+ provides personalized content recommendations, ensuring users are constantly engaged with relevant and captivating material.
  • Leaderboard and Competitions: A competitive edge is added with user rankings and seasonal competitions, promoting a community-driven approach to content engagement.

Seamless Integration and Accessibility

How does this work? Let’s say you watch the Rug Radio X Space FOMO Hour, or you fire up watch a GG video on YouTube or read an article on Decrypt or mint a Frame on Farcaster. If you’ve loaded our Content+ browser extension or are using our PWA, you’ll amass credits that will be redeemable for money. 

Designed with the user experience in mind, Content+ operates seamlessly in the background, whether on mobile devices or desktops, without interrupting the user's content consumption journey. A unified dashboard, accessible via desktop and optimized for mobile through a PWA, provides users with a comprehensive view of their engagement, points, and available quests and rewards.

Targeting Success

Decrypt Media Inc. has set clear objectives for Content+, aiming to boost user engagement, drive traffic growth, and enhance conversion rates across the Rug+Decrypt ecosystem (aka DASTAN). The success of this innovative application will be measured by significant metrics, including increases in time spent on content, interaction with recommended and featured articles, and the volume of tokens earned by users.

A Step Towards a More Engaged Future

"This application is more than just a tool; it's a commitment to our users, offering them a more rewarding and personalized content experience while enhancing the value of our ecosystem," said Loxley Fernandes, CEO of DASTAN.

Want to join us? You can sign up for the beta, which will be rolling out in May, here.

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