Notcoin, a simple clicker game built in the messaging app Telegram, continues to gain traction ahead of its planned token airdrop expected in the weeks ahead. Over the past day, the game has set new milestones for total players to date and daily active users.

According to in-game data, Notcoin has now amassed more than 30 million total players via Telegram since inception. And early Wednesday, Notcoin said that it hit another peak of more than 5 million daily active players for the first time.

Granted, this is based on in-game data—Notcoin is not currently on-chain, so there’s no way to verify the stats independently. But there does appear to be substantial interest around Notcoin, and the in-game leaderboards are flooded with players who have been tapping the gleaming, golden coin for weeks or even months as they anticipate a crypto reward ahead.

Notcoin will bring its trillions of in-game coins on-chain via The Open Network, the blockchain network that Telegram originally founded before community developers took over in 2020.


Representatives for the game previously told Decrypt’s GG that the token generation event and subsequent airdrop to players will occur in late March or early April. However, players who haven’t logged in for a while may find their mined coins significantly depleted, as Notcoin is “burning” account balances by 5% daily after 30 days of inactivity.

Earlier this month, Notcoin launched the ability for top players to convert sizable in-game coin balances into NFT vouchers that can be traded before the official token launch. Players can exchange 10 million or 100 million in-game coins for such a voucher, and then whoever holds the NFT can redeem it for NOT tokens once it goes on-chain.

The move allows crypto traders to speculate on the eventual price of Notcoin ahead of the token generation event. Vouchers representing 10 million in-game coins are currently selling for about $25 worth of Toncoin (TON) via the GetGems marketplace as of this writing.


The largest such sale to date is for a 100 million Notcoin voucher, which sold for 1,100 TON, or about $4,180 at the time of sale. So far, the vouchers have generated 1.2 million TON in total trading volume, or just over $5 million worth at the current price.

On Wednesday, The Open Network announced that it will launch a $115 million incentives program to drive developers and users to the network. The push will include apps that let users “get a taste of free tokens with simple mining mechanics,” which it said are “inspired by legends like Notcoin.”

Edited by Ryan Ozawa.

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