How do you do, fellow star-crossed lovers? 

VanEck, the 69-year old Wall Street investment management firm, is attempting to seduce crypto users with a novel approach: Bitcoin-themed Valentine’s Day candy. 

On social media and at select in-person events this week, the company is leaning into love with themed heart-shaped candy pieces etched with phrases including “HODL Me Close,” “No FUD w/o u,” “HODL My Hand,” and “I Heart Satoshi.”

The sweet nothings play into lingo popular in crypto circles. HODL, a term originally birthed from a typo, was initially adopted by Bitcoin holders as a mantra signaling commitment to the cryptocurrency in the long term. FUD, short for “fear, uncertainty, and doubt,” is a dismissive label slapped on much criticism of projects and tokens in the ever-volatile crypto market. 


“HODL VanEck in your heart this Valentine’s Day,” the firm posted on Instagram this morning.

VanEck’s embrace of such youthful slang comes as the company attempts to court investors for its new spot Bitcoin ETF, which launched last month alongside nine others. In its latest foray into the cryptosphere, VanEck—which deals principally in traditional ETFs—has repeatedly attempted to make overtures to crypto and degen culture. 


VanEck’s Bitcoin ETF, in fact, is listed by the ticker HODL.

A VanEck spokesperson confirmed with Decrypt that the firm’s crypto-themed Valentine’s Day treats are no mere Photoshop gimmick: They exist in the physical realm, and they are in fact edible. Boxes of the candies are currently being handed out at Exchange ETF, a financial services conference underway in Miami. 

For those in the crypto community who did not pay $5,499 to attend said TradFi gathering and feel totally rejected, fear not: A select number of the candies will be handed out tomorrow night during an event at PubKey, a Bitcoin-themed bar in Manhattan.

Edited by Andrew Hayward

Editor's note: This story was updated after publication to correct the company's age and its forays into the crypto space.

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