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Reform DAO is redefining the market making landscape as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), disrupting traditional market dynamics with its unique approach. Its launch signals a significant shift towards transparency and ethical practices in an industry often criticized for opaque operations.

The driving force behind this innovative venture is Ichimoku, also known as Nick Friedrich, a renowned figure in the cryptocurrency world. As the founder of the Netherlands' largest crypto fund and the algorithmic trading company Growity, Friedrich brings invaluable expertise to Reform. His involvement as a core contributor underlines Reform's commitment to excellence and innovation.

To demonstrate its practical capabilities and commitment to the principles of effective product delivery in the Web3 space, Reform launched its trading engine only after a successful smart contract audit completed by Certik. This scrutiny from a reputable firm like Certik reinforces the platform's security and trustworthiness, which are vital for building confidence within the community. This momentum continued with a $500,000 investment from Growity to showcase the power of the trading engine.

The platform’s community has seen impressive growth, now with over 40,000 Discord members and 50,000 Twitter followers. With a focus on community first, Reform introduced its testnet to gather feedback from its rapidly expanding community.

Standing out in the crowded market making field, Reform's operation as a DAO brings a refreshing level of transparency, enabled by its comprehensive dashboard. This approach contrasts starkly with traditional market makers, aligning stakeholder incentives and ensuring accountability to its community members.

Nick Friedrich's involvement as a core contributor is a significant boost for Reform. His expertise in pioneering algorithmic solutions, combined with his experience from when he started and led a crypto fund to become one of the most influential funds in the Netherlands, add a layer of strategic acumen and technological expertise to Reform. His input is crucial in enhancing the sophistication and effectiveness of ReformDAO's market making strategies.

Growity's $500,000 investment marks a strategic step in Reform's journey, providing essential capital for the launch and operation of its trading engine. This investment is more than financial backing; it's a testament to Growity's belief in Reform's vision and its commitment to bringing tangible value to the web3 domain. With its unique blend of industry expertise, cutting-edge technology, and a community-driven philosophy, Reform is poised to transform the market making industry.

About Reform DAO

Reform leads the charge in revolutionizing market making in the cryptocurrency sector. Its high-frequency trading engine, commitment to transparency, and focus on democratizing market making set it apart. As a DAO, it provides an inclusive and fair platform for financial market participation.

About Growity

Growity, based in the Netherlands, is at the forefront of financial technology innovation in the cryptocurrency market. Its high-frequency trading platform, developed using Rust, is renowned for its performance and reliability. As a top-tier market maker on platforms like Binance, Growity significantly influences market trends and standards.


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