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Aiming to drive forward the development of Web3, the Bahamut Foundation unveils its Bahamut Grants program with a 10 million $FTN coin fund. This initiative marks a strategic effort to foster the expansion of the Bahamut blockchain, an innovative EVM-based, layer 1 public blockchain distinguished by its unique Proof of Stake and Activity (POSA) consensus.

The Bahamut Grants program provides milestone-based financial support to a wide range of projects. Taking into account the current needs of the Blockchain infrastructure, a dedicated priority list of funding initiatives has been announced by the Foundation on the official grants portal, encouraging developers to actively participate in the expansion of the network.

With a current focus on products such as Decentralised Exchanges, RNG Oracles, and Price Feed Oracles. The Bahamut Arena is open to blockchain application developers, Web3 innovators, and Solidity programmers, as well as emerging blockchain businesses, researchers, and entrepreneurs. Also, The Grant Management Team offers dedicated funding for developing Futures and Margin trading modules for Centralised Exchanges (CEXes) as part of its special scope.

"Blockchain technology holds the potential to revolutionise the way we interact with digital assets. Through this funding initiative, we aim to pave the way for the next generation of decentralised applications and empower the global blockchain community to conquer new frontiers," added Pavel Aramyan the Blockchain Program Lead.

Applications for the Bahamut Grants are now open, with detailed information available on the official Bahamut Foundation website. The Foundation eagerly anticipates a robust response from the global blockchain community, ready to support both solid and established, as well as potentially groundbreaking projects that will shape the future of blockchain technology.

About Bahamut Foundation

The Bahamut Foundation is at the forefront of blockchain innovation, offering support and resources to projects that promise to advance the field. With its latest initiative, the Bahamut Grants program, the Foundation continues to foster growth and innovation in the blockchain space.


Mariam Baladyan


Mariam Baladyan

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