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  • Tim Draper gains 40% on his Aragon investment in just one month.
  • Draper's top picks include Tezos, Bancor, Maker, ANT, Spacecash, Grin, AXE.
  • He hopes Aragon's judicial system will be a game-changer in the legal sector.

Last month, venture capitalist and Bitcoin evangelist Tim Draper bought one million Aragon (ANT) for $1 million. This was at a price of $1 per coin—even though the coin was worth $0.70 at the time.

Now the coin’s price has shot up to $1.40, netting him a 40% return in just weeks—at least on paper. He would be hard pressed to sell so many coins given the token’s low trading volume. But, either way, Draper isn’t planning on selling.

“I bought for a reason. I want to drive more usage of decentralized government services. I have no interest in selling,” he told Decrypt.

Draper wants to take part


The Aragon platform provides the tools to create decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). At present, the project has facilitated the creation of over 1,000 DAOs since launching in 2018.

Draper now controls a hefty sum of ANT’s total supply—2.5% to be precise. As a result, the crypto entrepreneur not only sits on Aragon’s advisory board but can also participate in its forthcoming judicial system.

Making the rules on the blockchain

“I like their model of creating a totally decentralized judicial system. Draper told Decrypt. “This is much needed. Eventually, this will be a big time saver and money saver from the runaway lawyer system we currently have.”

At present, the project team is focused on its newly devised Aragon court—a digital judicial system for DAOs within the project’s governance.


ANT—Aragon’s native cryptocurrency—is utilized within Aragon’s network governance. Holders of ANT will use their tokens to participate in forthcoming court proceedings. The first of which, came into session back on February 10, involving the mock trial of Ethereum classic developer Yaz Khoury.

Tim Draper is no stranger to significant crypto investments. He’s cited as one of the earliest investors in Bitcoin, snapping up nearly 30,000 BTC at a U.S marshalls auction back in 2014. The auctioneered BTC was worth $632 apiece at the time—a fortune presently valued at over $262 million.

“Of course you know I am a big Bitcoin supporter. I like all the coins that still have a team working hard to make them succeed. Tezos, Bancor, Maker, ANT, Spacecash, Grin, AXE, all have teams dedicated to them making them grow and succeed,” he explained.

Let’s hope none of them get the AXE.

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