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The INTMAX Wallet team is excited to announce the launch of "Link Transfer" today, a groundbreaking feature addition. This innovative functionality transforms the process of sending Crypto for both individuals and organizations, making it as simple as sending a message on a social network.

The introduction of Link Transfer is a significant step forward. Allowing users to send Crypto through a wallet URL containing the Crypto they wish to send, this Crypto can be USDT, USDC, ETH, MATIC, or similar. Link Transfer eliminates the need to request the recipient's address every time, simplifying and speeding up crypto transactions.

In addition, the INTMAX wallet is now available on all device types. This latest update guarantees secure access to the INTMAX Wallet across a variety of devices, including those that may not support passkeys, biometric, or facial recognition technologies. The teamcommitment to expanding the accessibility of the INTMAX wallet while upholding robust security standards ensures that all users, regardless of their device capabilities, can confidently manage their digital assets with the INTMAX Wallet.

Key Features of Link Transfer

Ease of Use: Send Crypto like a message on a social network. Authenticate using the recipient's mobile number, email, Discord, X (Twitter), TikTok, Google, or other methods as we implement them, no need for a wallet address.

Convenience: Perfect for users who find it cumbersome to ask for addresses for every transaction.

Innovative Technology: Built on the highly secure and efficient INTMAX Wallet platform.

The INTMAX Wallet is recognized for its unique security measures, utilizing MPC (Multi-Party Computation) + FHE (Fully Homomorphic Encryption), providing near-hardware-level security in a mobile wallet. This high standard of security, combined with the ease of a web-based platform that requires no app, extension, or seed phrase, makes INTMAXWallet a top choice for crypto users of all levels.

Availability and Compatibility

Link Transfer is exclusively on the Polygon and Arbitrum networks for now. In the near future, INTMAX is looking to broaden this feature to include additional networks such as Ethereum, Optimism, among others. This expansion will enhance the versatility of INTMAX Wallet, allowing users to interact across various chains.

About Intmax

INTMAX is the stateless zkRollup layer of Ethereum, focusing on seamless scalability, security, and user experience. Our platform's core is a dedication to revolutionizing how we interact with blockchain technology, making it more accessible, efficient, and secure for everyone. The mainnet is planned to be launched in Q1 2024.

Unmatched Security & Speed: Matches Layer 1 security with a unique algorithm for fast verification, ready to scale to over a billion daily users.

Ethereum Affordability: Executes over 100,000 TPS, significantly reducing costs with near-zero gas transaction fees.

Onchain Privacy: Using zero-knowledge proofs for private data verification, keeping information confidential while on a public blockchain.

Near-Zero Gas Fee: Stateless zkRollup architecture drastically reduces transaction costs while maintaining Ethereum-level security.

True Interoperability: Seamless token transfers from other L2 solutions.

Innovative Algorithm: Drives efficiency, privacy, and scalability; 99.9% cost reduction with zkRollup without history data.

For more information, please visit:

Intmax Wallet:

Intmax Protocol Whitepaper: written by Erik Rybakken, Leona Hioki, and Mario Yaksetig.


VP of Developer Relations
Shodipo Ayomide
Intmax Protocol

Disclaimer: Press release sponsored by our commercial partners.

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