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HackQuest, an all-in-one Web3 developer education platform, is excited to roll out Mantle Learn as a part of our strategic alliance with Mantle Network.

Mantle Learn aims to introduce Web2 developers interested in Web3 through the lens of Mantle Network, a leading Layer-2 (L2) scalability solution on Ethereum. Combining Mantle Network’s technical prowess and HackQuest's interactive learning modules and built-in IDE, Mantle Learn is set to catapult the accessibility and quality of Web3 developer education.

Pauline Barnades at Mantle Network, elaborated, “Our collaboration with HackQuest is aimed at crafting a curriculum that is as diverse as it is deep, ensuring developers not only learn but also apply their knowledge in real-world Web3 scenarios.” This approach underscores HackQuest and Mantle Network’s commitment to delivering a learning experience that is comprehensive, practical, and friendly to developers interested in building in the Mantle ecosystem.

About Mantle Learn

Mantle Learn’s main learning track empowers users to master Solidity, a smart contract programming language required to build on Mantle. Designed following the principles of Universal Design of Learning (UDL), courses on Mantle Learn are segmented into bite-sized, 5-minute sections, culminating in interactive quests for learners at all levels. Users receive a proof of completion certificate co-issued by Mantle and HackQuest in the form of an on-chain Soul-bound Token (SBT), which can be minted by users following the completion of the Mantle Learning Track and deployment of projects to Mantle MainNet.

Some additional key features include a personalized dashboard tailored to individual progress, diverse learning tracks, and gamified experiences like quests and milestones. These platform features elevate the user learning experience and turn education into a personalized, adventurous journey for Mantle Learn users. Some specific highlights include:

  • Personal Dashboard: The dashboard design provides a personalized learning journey, tracking progress and goals for a seamless educational experience.
  • Mission Center: Experience learning as an adventure with gamified elements like daily quests and milestones, making education both fun and rewarding. Complete daily quests and build the habit of learning every day.
  • Electives: Choose from over 25 interactive projects, from NFTs to CryptoKitty, to turn theoretical knowledge into practical expertise in a hands-on learning environment.
  • User Profile: Build out and showcase your Web3 passport by connecting to GitHub, Wallet, and social media and filling in relevant experiences.
  • Built-in IDE: For the first time, users can deploy projects they built directly to the Mantle mainnet or testnet through the built-in IDE, skipping the front-loaded local environment set-up and download process.

Read more about Mantle Learn’s features and step-by-step sign-up guide here.

The Critical Role of Developer Education

With a staggering 1400x disparity between the number of Web2 and Web3 developers, the urgency for comprehensive developer education has never been more acute. Current educational methods often fall short, lacking in interactivity, accessibility, and community engagement.

HackQuest and Mantle Network believe developer education to be the bridge to this gap, enabling the growth of Web3 ecosystems. Their collaboration marks a critical step in an era where the developer counts of major ecosystems have been declining. The Founding team of HackQuest commented on this, stating, “Our collaboration with Mantle Network is a strategic step towards not just imparting knowledge but also igniting a passion for Web3 development among learners. We believe in making Web3 education fun, interactive, and accessible to all.”

Recognizing the critical role of developers and related infrastructure, Mantle Learn is a testament to HackQuest and Mantle Network’s commitment to onboard the masses to Web3 through developer education.

Kickoff Activities: Start Learning Today

While Mantle Learn is currently in beta, Mantle Network and HackQuest have plans to fully integrate Mantle Learn into Mantle’s broader developer experience by Q1 2024. The collaboration aims to transform learning from a passive activity into an engaging, interactive, and community-driven experience. Follow the journey and become the inaugural group of Certified Mantle Developers!

  • Daily Social Media Engagement: Followers can look forward to daily social media posts, including raffles that promise exciting prizes, which offer a glimpse into the Mantle-themed educational content and add an element of fun to the learning process.
  • Blogs and Articles: A series of blog posts and articles will serve as an introduction to the Web3 world, Mantle Learn's philosophy, and the cutting-edge platform that Mantle Learn offers.
  • Twitter Spaces and AMAs: The community can connect directly with the minds behind Mantle Learn through co-hosted Twitter spaces and AMA sessions. Follow Mantle and HackQuest’s Twitter handles.
  • Deep-Dive Workshops: In December and January, enthusiasts can immerse themselves in specialized workshops. These ecosystem deep dives will be hosted on Discord, offering participants knowledge about the inner workings of Web3. Join Mantle and HackQuest’s Discord channels.
  • Co-learning Camps with Perks: Mantle Learn will organize co-learning camps, providing an opportunity for users to learn and build together. Top finishers will also have the opportunity to win raffle $MNT rewards, Mantle and HackQuest swags, and more. Apply to join here.

Mantle Learn represents a dual commitment from HackQuest and Mantle Network to educate and kindle a community spirit among Web3 developers. This is the perfect opportunity for non-technical Web3 enthusiasts and Web2 developers interested in Web3 and building on Mantle to learn Solidity programming and Mantle’s technical architecture. Dive into Web3 programming by signing up today!

About HackQuest

HackQuest is a comprehensive, one-stop Web3 developer education platform onboarding everyone to the Web3 development world. We believe that improving Web3 developer education is key to driving mass adoption.

About Moonshot Commons

Powered by HackQuest, Moonshot Commons is a global community for Web3 founders to learn, build, and scale. Within two years, Moonshot community members have raised $110m+ from VCs — with many more launching soon!

About Mantle Network

Mantle Network is an L2 scalability solution built on Ethereum. At its core, Mantle was built with a modular architecture that combines an optimistic roll-up protocol with an innovative data availability solution. This allows Mantle Network to inherit security from Ethereum and offer cheaper and more accessible data availability.



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