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Army of Fortune, a major disrupter in the mobile gaming sphere, has marked a significant milestone with over 70,000 downloads and an impressive 25,000 Daily Active Users (DAU) within the first two months of its debut game release, Army of Tactics. This achievement underscores the successful introduction of Game 3.0, a groundbreaking approach that revolutionises blockchain-powered gaming by eliminating barriers to entry.

Game 3.0, coined and developed by Army of Fortune, offers a seamless blend of engaging gameplay and innovative blockchain technology, all while being free to play and easily accessible on app stores.

This unique integration presents the highest likelihood of Web2 players to transition effortlessly into the realm of Web3 games. This positions Army of Fortune as the gateway to mass adoption in the gaming industry– which is no easy feat.

In the Army of Fortune Metaverse (AOFverse), players are not only immersed in captivating virtual worlds but simultaneously empowered through ownership of in-game assets and participation in the ecosystem.

The Army of Fortune Gem ($AFG), the utility and governance token within the AOFverse, facilitated this empowerment. $AFG serves multiple functions, including minting NFT’s and trading in the marketplace, all while giving holders a significant stake in the game’s direction and economy.

Future Endeavours and Player Empowerment

Following the successful closure of its $2 Million private sale, with the goal to raise an additional $3 Million to further expand the AOFverse.

This expansion is not just about adding new games or features; it is about crafting a balanced and sustainable economy that rewards players without overshadowing the fun and excitement of gaming.

The AOFverse is not just another GameFi project; it is an avant-garde concept that merges the comprehensive features of Web 3.0 with the dynamic and intuitive mechanics of traditional gaming. The balance here ensures that the joy of play remains at the forefront, driving the experiential offers to mobile gamers that were previously unattainable in the blockchain space.

About Army of Fortune

Army of Fortune is a game studio building mobile games that harness the power of blockchain technology to enable rewarding interactive experiences. Its mission is to empower players with genuine ownership while staying true to the essence of gaming. Through Game 3.0, the team hopes to reward players without sacrificing the engaging dynamics that have made gaming fun for decades.

Try debut game Army of Tactics now and keep up with Army of Fortune on its official social media accounts:

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