After just six months, the Game Boy crypto wallet project has been put on hold, project founder Joseph Schiarizzi confirmed to Decrypt on Wednesday. 

Crypto startup Keyp’s “Game Wallet”—which planned to gamify the crypto hardware wallet experience and allow users to store their Bitcoin and Ethereum on a retro, real Game Boy—is no longer in active development. In an email to supporters, the company said it has pivoted to a new stablecoin project, dubbed Open Dollar, instead.

When asked if the startup has canceled the project, Schiarizzi told Decrypt that the Game Boy project isn’t being “shut down,” but is “indefinitely on hold.”

“We’re 100% focused on Open Dollar now, but I’m hopeful I’ll come back to Game Wallet at some point,” the founder added.


In an email to Game Wallet updates subscribers, the company offered a reason for pressing pause for an undetermined amount of time.

“Given the current market conditions, we have made the tough decision to pause development on Game Wallet to focus our efforts on a new, exciting project—Open Dollar,” the project’s team wrote.

“We know Game Wallet held great potential and apologize for this change in plans,” the company continued. “While Open Dollar is a shift in direction, we are confident it will deliver significant value in the evolving DeFi space.”

As a consolation, Keyp is offering its email subscribers access to Open Dollar’s beta.


Gamers and crypto fans alike will now have to wait much longer for their Game Boy wallet dreams to come true—and hope that the team will revisit the project in the future.

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