Popular battle royale shooter Apex Legends has partnered with Grammy-winning musician Post Malone for an in-game event starting November 10, publisher Electronic Arts announced Thursday.

The event will span "two weeks of beautiful mayhem," according to the blog post, including a new limited-time mode called Three Strikes created specifically for the collaboration. Players will have three chances to be the last squad standing in Three Strikes. When a squad is wiped out, they will lose one of their three strikes and respawn at a new location with all their gear. Lose all three strikes and the squad is out.

Post Malone also helped design new “Iconic” tier cosmetic items, including character skins and weapon attachments that the rapper and singer co-signed. Players can earn up to 285 in-game "Camo Credits" per day by completing challenges and then use them to unlock cosmetic items.


Players can also watch partnered Twitch streamers play Apex Legends during the event from November 7-19 to unlock exclusive Post Malone cosmetics. Players must link their EA account with their Twitch account to be eligible.

Electronic Arts billed the celebrity collaboration as the “biggest partnership in Apex Legends history.” The free-to-play shooter launched in 2019 and has seen more than 100 million total players to date across platforms, including PlayStation 5 and PS4, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Malone is known for hit singles like "Circles," "Sunflower," and "Rockstar." This is the first big celebrity crossover for Apex Legends, although competing series Call of Duty has turned numerous musicians and celebs into playable characters, including Snoop Dogg and Nicki Minaj.

Editor’s note: This article was written with the assistance of AI. Edited and fact-checked by Andrew Hayward.


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