Whether you’re a crypto whale watcher or are just looking for fresh insight into the buying and selling of crypto, we’ve got you covered. We decided to take a closer look at the ten traders every crypto aficionado should follow in 2020. 


To generate a long list we started by scrapping other lists to find who, on average, tended to appear high on people’s radars. We did a bit of our own out reach as well to help fill out any gaps and catch traders that might be operating beneath most people’s radars. 

Data for how much profit traders generate from their insights isn’t widely available. This top 10 list is based on which traders provide the best knowledge, analysis, and insights others can learn from. All the traders had to be on Twitter and be actively uploading new content to qualify. As it happened, nearly all the traders practice technical analysis and are male.


If you’re interested in a slightly more scientific and data-driven list, BitMex leaderboard tracks traders on its platform. In no particular order, here is wide-ranging selection of content creators for the aspiring crypto trader to follow.

The Traders' Trader - @CryptoCred


CryptoCred spends most of his time creating educational content and technical analysis on his YouTube channel for his 40,000 subscribers. 

For beginners learning about the subject, CryptoCred has created a complete study guide directory for his video lessons on the subject. The course guide and videos are thorough, complete, and available completely for free. 


He also has a newsletter called Technical Roundup, a weekly email for traders and investors available for $30 per month. If you’re not overly keen on that, he has a glossary of terms and guides you can download for free on his Twitter page. 

CryptoCred may be fairly advanced for absolute beginners, but once you’re upto speed with the basics, his platforms are a good place to hone your skills. 

Best Buddha - @thecryptomonk


If you’re looking for regular insights into Bitcoin, The Crypto Monk is a good place to start. 

The monk focuses largely on bitcoin, but dips into Ethereum and other projects as and when. He also dabbles in commodity and precious metals trading if that’s your thing. While he doesn’t have the largest following on this list, he runs a blog with tips and articles about how to get to grips with technical analysis that would help both beginners and more advanced traders alike.

Telegram master - @filbfilb


Not that into twitter? Flib has you covered. The man writes Bitcoin price analyses for Coin Telegraph and a free weekly newsletter called Decentrader. Though his twitter following isn’t huge, Flib has a substantial following on both Telegram and popular trading platform tradingview.com with over 10,000 followers on each platform. 


Flib’s analyses are highly technical and honest. He regularly updates readers about his thinking and thought processes – giving an inside look into the mind of a top crypto trader.

Best livestreamer - @NicTrades


Crypto trading seems to be 99% male so a top female crypto trader definitely stands out. NicTrades also stands out from the rest of the list for having an active Facebook following and a regular livestream trading session. Every Monday evening at 8PM UK time, she analyzing crypto assets live and shares her experience from over 12 years of professional trading experience in London. 


She has a course dedicated to crypto trading and technical analysis called the NicTrades strategy group where she puts out sweet infographics like the above. 

Best inventor - @bbands



Only one person on the list has created a popular technical trading tool used widely across the general trading industry and that person is John Bollinger. 

Luckily for us, the man who invented Bollinger Bands also trades crypto and regularly shares his experience and thoughts on the subject. Though he actively answers questions and shares his expertise through Quora as his primary platform, his Quora content comes through his Twitter feed where he will even occasionally drop a piece of wisdom about dogecoin.

Highly recommended - @scottmelker


Melker has over 20 years of trading experience and has built up a substantial following of devoted fans. A glowing recommendation from one of his fans is why he made it to the list: 

Melker’s recently released newsletter called “The Wolf Den” is where he provides in-depth analysis and thoughts to subscribers. He also contributes to Coin Telegraph, tweets, and says insightful things on AMAs such as: 

“At the very core, it’s all about risk management and emotional control… [they] are the key to everything.”


Most podcasted - @VentureCoinist


Luke Martin has built a huge following on Twitter and has his own podcast called the Coinist Podcast for those interested in more audio-based crypto trading content. Guests on the Coinist Podcast include Binance founder Changpeng Zhao, prolific crypto VC Chris Burniske, eToro founder Yoni Assia, and many more of the top names in the industry. Besides speaking on his own podcast, Martin has also appeared on other well-known crypto podcasts such as POV Crypto. 

Coinist Research is Martin’s independent research service providing daily market review videos. The service covers trends, analysis, and research for crypto traders and investors. 

YouTube master - @PhilakoneCrypto


Philakone has built quite a following from both his free and paid technical analysis courses. The Canadian trader has produced a consistent stream of videos to guide traders through his techniques and analysis. His YouTube channel is rich with free tutorials and has nearly 75,000 subscribers and 5 million total views. 


Philakone attributes his large following to his “consistent track record, profits, and ability to teach.” His teachings are available through Udemy courses where he teaches intermediate and advanced strategies – placing a high emphasis on trading psychology.

The trader of all trades -@PeterLBrandt


If you want to get good at crypto trading, maybe you should take some tips from a guy with 40 years of experience trading and publisher of an Amazon bestseller, Diary of a Professional Commodity Trader.  

Peter Brandt puts out a lot of content about trading in general, but believes in “the long term narrative of Bitcoin. That Bitcoin is indeed going to $100,000 if not substantially more.” He puts out crypto specific videos for Bitcoin Live where he drops nuggets of wisdom such as:

“The real advantage of chart analysis is to identify those few opportunities each year with asymmetrical reward-to-risk ratio (four to five times a year in Bitcoin).”

Also check out his weekly newsletter, Factor Service. 

Twitter up-and-comer - @KrownCryptoCave



When one trader is recommended twice on an obscure crypto Twitter thread, you take notice. Even though Eric Crown has a relatively small Twitter following compared to the rest of the list, he is well regarded in the crypto trading community for his video content. 

On YouTube, Crown’s videos have amassed nearly 5 million total views with over 38,000 subscribers. His videos explaining the basics of technical analysis as well as regular analysis of crypto trends has earned him a dedicated and consistent fan base. He also has a Discord channel with nearly 10,000 members and a paid course where he shares techniques and tips on becoming a master crypto trader.  


The views and opinions expressed by the author are for informational purposes only and do not constitute financial, investment, or other advice.

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