Twitter’s rapid pace of changes may be difficult for some people to keep up with, but a few updates have ruffled more feathers than others. For users who miss the iconic bird logo, replaced on Monday with the letter X, there is hope.

Software developer Cygaar has released a Google Chrome browser extension to remove the “ugly X branding” from Twitter. 


In a tutorial video, he showed how the new branding changes back to the original with a click of the refresh button. To get it, users just need to install the Google Chrome extension on their browser from Github. 

“Don’t like the Twitter rebrand to” Cygaar wrote on the extension’s Github page. “Neither did I, so I made this Chrome extension that lets you revert x-branding back to the beloved bird.”

Tech billionaire Elon Musk bought Twitter last year. Since then, the company and its flagship social network has gone through a number of changes.

Most recently, the platform rebranded to The idea, according to the Tesla CEO and world’s richest man, is for Twitter to become an “everything app.” 

Musk has previously said that he has envisioned something like China’s WeChat—but for the West. WeChat is a popular platform in China, which citizens use for literally everything: instant messaging, social media, summoning taxis, and making payments. 


In January, news dropped that the company was working on a product that was supportive of crypto payments.

But do Twitter users want an “everything app”?

Cygaar said he would likely take his extension down from Github if there aren’t enough downloads. 

“This was made purely for fun,” he explained. “I probably won’t maintain this long term unless there is significant demand.”

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