Web3 wallet provider Argent has launched Unframed, a new NFT marketplace built on the speedy layer-2 solution Starknet.

The partnership between Starknet–which is designed to address high transaction fees and slow processing times on Ethereum–and Argent is aimed at bridging the digital collectibles space and blockchain gaming.

According to Julien Niset, co-founder of Argent, a crypto wallet hellbent on simplifying the user experience, “gaming is one of the important verticals” that hasn’t kicked off yet–despite its importance on Starknet.


Today’s launch aims to change that.

“There is a lot of friction in the NFT space,” Niset told Decrypt, forcing users to make multiple transactions or migrate their entire collections from one platform to another. Through Argent’s simplicity, it “pushes the boundaries of what NFT marketplaces can do.”

Argent has been leveraging account abstraction, a technical trend in the industry focused on making crypto wallets as easy as email. “Through account abstraction, we can build better UX and UI [user experience and user interface],” says Niset, who is “excited to be building a necessary piece” for the Starknet ecosystem.

What the Unframed marketplace does, and in specific the union between Argent and Starknet, is to make Web3 as easy as Web2.

Niset thinks that these types of alliances will also play a key role in the tokenization of real-world assets, a sentiment echoed by other prominent crypto market players. Argent already boasts more than 1 million users on Starknet, with 4,000 new wallets getting funded every day.


For Niset, “We have reached an inflection point.”

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