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MYTH, a leading platform in the Web3 space, is thrilled to announce the launch of Infinite Redeemers. Infinite Redeemers transcend their role as mere ambassadors, providing a wide range of benefits and rewards to participants within the platform.

Internal MYTH Projects and Games, such as Hex Mythica and Unrivalled, will experience the primary use-case of Infinite Redeemers. These unique entities generate Spellbound assets, which not only enhance basic game mechanics but also empower players to shape their gaming experience by influencing specific rooms during dungeon exploration, or the effects of certain items, spells, and environments.

The reward system is intricately connected to the Heritage traits of the Infinite Redeemers. Each Infinite Redeemer possesses a unique Heritage, determining their skills and core statistics that directly impact the origin of the Spellbound's and Assets they can generate. The associated metadata of each Infinite Redeemer provides valuable insights into the chances of generating different types of Spellbound's, with 10 Heritage variants in total, totalling 100 points.

Heritage types are as following:

  • Draconic Heritage
  • Celestial Being
  • Elemental Nature
  • Gigante Blood
  • Infernal Soul
  • Mortal Heir
  • Undead Legacy
  • Mechanical Construct
  • Monstrous Right
  • Ancient Origin

For internal MYTH Projects and Games, Infinite Redeemers offer the following benefits and rewards:

  1. Production of Spellbound's for their owners.
  2. Enhancement of platform earnings.
  3. Game Asset airdrops.
  4. Early access to games.

In addition to internal projects, Infinite Redeemers extend their benefits to external projects and partners as well. MYTH seamlessly transitions pre-existing Web2 brands and intellectual properties into the Web3 space through various means, such as Game Development, Gamified and Metaverse Experiences, Digital Collectibles, and onboarding existing Web3 Projects into the MYTH Ecosystem.

Connected projects and partners can enjoy the following ongoing benefits through Infinite Redeemers:

  1. Access to special collaboration events.
  2. Partner Project NFT Airdrops.
  3. Exclusive access to Drops and NFTs.
  4. Connection with partner projects through the Emissary Community Channel in the MYTH discord.
  5. Special access to Partner Game launches and tournaments.
  6. Exclusive discounts on select asset sales and merchandise.

Whitelist Campaign

To make the acquisition of Infinite Redeemers even more exciting, the MYTH team has introduced a special whitelist campaign that provides exclusive access and rewards to early supporters. The campaign is divided into three tiers - Gold, Silver, and Bronze - each offering unique benefits to participants.

Here's a breakdown of the three tiers:

  • Gold Tier x 750: Users in the Gold tier can mint up to 3 NFTs at $80 each, with a total of 2250 mints available.
  • Silver Tier x 1000: Silver tier members can mint up to 2 NFTs at $90 each, with a total of 2000 mints available.
  • Bronze Tier x 1250: The Bronze tier allows users to mint 1 NFT for $100, with only 1250 mints available.

The whitelist tiers present an exciting opportunity for early supporters, as the public mint price will be set at $110 per NFT.

Securing a Spot on the Infinite Redeemers Whitelist

Participating in the whitelist campaign is as simple as immersing yourself in the MYTH community. Here are a few ways to secure a spot:

  1. Zealy Campaign: Join the current campaign running until July 20th, where 500 whitelist spots are up for grabs. Participate and advance your ranking to claim a spot in the whitelist tiers.
  2. Discord Community: Engage with the MYTH Discord community, where you'll find a mix of banter, valuable information, and exciting competitions. Monthly contests, game nights, and random giveaways provide opportunities to secure a whitelist spot. Join Discord
  3. Twitter Engagement: Follow the official MYTH Twitter channels (@HexMythica and @myth_fans) for chances to win whitelist spots through giveaways. Immerse yourself in MYTH's lore and the evolving world we're creating.

To learn more about Infinite Redeemers and MYTH, please visit Hex Mythica.

In conclusion, MYTH is a leading platform in the Web3 space, revolutionizing the gaming industry through Game Development, Gamified and Metaverse Experiences, Digital Collectibles, and onboarding existing Web3 Projects into its Ecosystem. With the introduction of Infinite Redeemers, MYTH offers a reward system that connects all its Projects and Partners, providing a wide range of benefits and rewards to participants within the platform.

About MYTH

MYTH is an innovative platform that aims to revolutionise the digital entertainment industry. It connects iconic Intellectual Property (IP) and immersive lore to create extraordinary experiences for fans and partners. The team behind MYTH includes experienced entrepreneurs from traditional industries, IP management, and Web 3 experts, making them well-equipped to transform entertainment.


Kyle Spratt

Disclaimer: Press release sponsored by our commercial partners.

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