Lightning company Zebedee is launching a new version of its ZBD app—a gaming-centric Bitcoin wallet—that gives users access to a new social platform with a twist: It gives its users the opportunity to earn a little Bitcoin.

Now in alpha, users can sign up for a waitlist for early access to the new ZBD app, which was created by Zebedee's open-source wing NBD.

The app is powered by Nostr, a decentralized protocol for building apps that's on the rise to the tune of more than two million users. Its claim to fame might be that Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey has been very focused on the protocol as the underpinnings of the future of social media.


In ZBD, users can soon send "zaps"—which are very small amounts of Bitcoin—to others instead of "likes." The app also features encrypted DMs with the option to use them to send payments.

"Unlike traditional social platforms, ZBD introduces zaps, empowering users to send microtransactions globally and monetize their content in a whole new way. Say goodbye to meaningless likes and embrace the opportunity to earn money for your online contributions, creating a more rewarding and engaging social experience," Zebedee co-founder and CTO Andre Neves told Decrypt in an email.

But of course, there's other advantages besides earning a little bit of Bitcoin. With decentralized social media, users have more control of their data than in traditional social media apps. That's because there isn't a large corporation that's controlling their data.

"With a decentralized social app, you have the freedom to carry your identity and followers across any number of apps. No longer restricted to a closed-off ecosystem, you can connect with friends and creators regardless of the specific platform they use," Neves said.

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