Gather up, white hat hackers from across the globe—OpenAI is calling you.

Unveiling its latest endeavor, the creator of ChatGPT and Dall-e is launching a $1M Cybersecurity Grant Program to boost and quantify the effectiveness of AI-powered cybersecurity capabilities.

It's no secret that OpenAI has been consistently vocal about the necessity of AI regulation to prevent potential malicious applications. The impact of AI tech in the hands of criminals—who have created everything from deepfakes to malware—has made the call to arms increasingly critical. It's a digital arms race, and OpenAI is trying to ensure the good guys don't get left in the dust.


OpenAI has put forward an array of intriguing project ideas: from developing honeypots to trap attackers, to assisting developers in creating secure software by design, and optimizing patch management processes.

The program's aspirations are crystal clear: “Our goal is to facilitate the development of AI-powered cybersecurity capabilities for defenders through grants and other support,” says OpenAI in its official blog post. It's all about quantifying the effectiveness of these AI models and understanding how to amp up their cybersecurity prowess

This cutting-edge initiative seeks to accomplish three primary goals: First, it aims to “empower the defenders.” OpenAI said it wants to harness the power of AI and the coordination of like-minded individuals to tip the scales in favor of those working to improve collective safety.

Next on the docket is “measure capabilities.” OpenAI wants to support developments that work on quantification methods to gauge the effectiveness of AI models in cybersecurity.

Last, OpenAI said it also wants to “elevate the discourse,” encouraging nuanced discussions on the intersection of AI and cybersecurity.


This move challenges the traditional view in cybersecurity. OpenAI emphasized the relevance of the saying that must be correct 100% of the time, attackers only have to be right once,” but they see the inherent value in coordination towards a common goal of keeping people safe. They're fighting to prove that, armed with AI, defenders can flip the script.

Decrypt could not find information on any startup or developer that has already applied for a grant.

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