As the company continues to make inroads in the British market, digital bank Revolut has partnered with popular decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator 1inch to introduce its joint crypto “Learn & Earn” course focused on DeFi.

“We are thrilled to launch a new series of lessons, developed with the highly reputable 1inch Network,” Revolut’s general manager for crypto Emil Urmanshin said. “This will bring customers even more insight into different crypto concepts.” 

Developed by 1inch, the course has three lessons to help users understand the basics of decentralized finance (DeFi).

These three lessons focus on three verticals of DeFi, including how decentralized exchanges work, how 1inch’s “pathfinder algorithm” works,  and the essential governance of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO). 


1inch Network aggregates the various DEXs across the crypto space into one interface, offering traders competitive prices for trading pairs. The mechanism by which the platform identifies the best trade for a specific pair is called the pathfinder algorithm. 

“DeFi education is vital as it drives further mass adoption,” said Sergej Kunz, 1inch Network co-founder. “We are super excited about the course we are launching with Revolut, and we also hope it’ll pave the way for our in-depth collaboration.”

Earning 1inch tokens with Revolut

After completing each lesson, users earn 1inch’s native tokens (1INCH) which are added to their Revolut crypto balance.

According to Revolut, the crypto “Learn & Earn” courses are only available to its crypto product users. Newcomers must onboard Revolut’s crypto product before gaining access to the courses.


The 1inch token trades at around $0.61, boasting a market capitalization slightly above $318 million, and is the 109th-largest cryptocurrency, per data from Coingecko

The course is a part of Revolut’s education program, which is meant to help users learn more about the assets that the neobank supports.

“When we introduced the ‘Learn & Earn’ courses, we aimed to make the world of crypto more accessible,” said Urmanshin. “The results exceeded our expectations, demonstrating a true customer need for this form of education.”

Founded in 2015, Revolut operates across more than 200 nations, with more than 20 million personal users.

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