MyCrypto is getting a makeover.

The company, which provides a tool for generating Ethereum (ETH) wallets and managing ERC-20 tokens, today announced the beta release of its new website and service. The main feature is its multi-account management system, which allows users to access multiple wallets from their home dashboard.

Not only does the site look completely different, it acts different, too. In addition to swapping assets, which was already possible on the site through ShapeShift and 0xInstant integrations, users can now buy ETH with their credit card without using an exchange. Though sending and receiving crypto assets through the platform is already possible, the new user interface simplifies the process. 


While the UI/UX changes are clearly focused on increasing usability, the company has added a screen lock feature as part of its "dedication to increasing user security."

The changes further distance MyCrypto from rival MyEtherWallet (MEW), from which it split in early 2018. Over the past year and a half, MyCrypto, led by founder and CEO Taylor Monahan, has made a series of both substantive and cosmetic changes to what was once a forked version of the MEW codebase.

Users can go to to see the new features. MyCrypto hasn't set an end date for the beta, instead stating that it would fully audit the code before making any changes permanent. 

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