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Eth Rally Fails

Crypto falls, ETH/BTC rally again marks mini sell-off. Yen carry-trade implosion linked to worries. ETH gas fees hit 6-month lows. 3rd straight week of institutional outflows. Slowing BTC ETF flows are just a pause: Bernstein. BTC now on track for 5 red weeks in a row. BTC may have topped, could hit $35k: Brandt. ETFs may become big sellers: Bianco. Consensys list 4 reasons ETH isn’t a security. Rumours continue to grow of EigenLayer airdrop. Perp DEX volumes continue fall, GMX underperforms. Wallets begin to block US users after Samourai case. WLD in reported partnership talks with OpenAI. Large unlocks this week for SUI, PYTH & MEME.

Apr 30, 2024


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