Is crypto some kind of joke to you, Elon Musk? Surely you know that our fractious community hangs onto your every mention of Bitcoin. So why, then, do you torment us so?

Musk, CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and self-titled "Lord" Edge, today tweeted that Bitcoin is his "safe word," which we hoped was a reference to Bitcoin's security as a safe haven asset and a hedge against the US dollar. Nope! Musk tweeted an hour later: "Just kidding, who needs a safe word anyway?!"

Just kidding? Who's laughing, Elon? Not Decrypt! 


Musk further ground our gears into dust when he tweeted a raucous, tasteless! image of a sultry woman whose genitals he had concealed with the Bitcoin logo. Next to the temptress was a monk, to whom Musk could presumably relate, with the caption, "Me trying to live a normal productive life."

At this juncture, Justin Sun, CEO of Tron, cut the tension when he tweeted, "Please consider taking #Bitcoin private at $100,000. Funding secured."

Undeterred, Musk tweeted the following:


Bitcoin's price did not crash on the news, but our jaws, hearts, and hard drives did.

Musk then dealt his final blow. "One word: Doge," he tweeted. Following Musk's tweet, Dogecoin rose by 17%, from $0.0039 to $0.0046.


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