Food delivery service Just Eat France has started accepting Bitcoin payments for orders placed from over 15,000 restaurants in the country. The delivery service is using Bitpay as its Bitcoin payment provider. 


Home delivery services have been in high demand during the coronavirus pandemic, as lockdown orders and social distancing regulations have forced customers out of sit-down restaurants. At the same time, the use of cash is declining. No surprise, then, that the food industry is now turning to crypto as a viable payment option for customers. 

“Just Eat is a major player in the delivery of meals in France; this initiative could help to democratize the use of cryptocurrencies among the general public,” Gregory Raymond, writer for French publication, told Decrypt.

“We do not charge any fees for Bitcoin payments. To make a Bitcoin payment, you need to create a digital wallet by downloading special software or an app,” says the Just Eat France website

Paying for food using using Bitcoin

Payments using Bitcoin will be calculated based on the current price charged by Bitpay. However, if a Bitcoin payment is cancelled, the customer will be refunded in Euros, with payment being sent to a customer’s traditional bank account.

“When you make your initial payment, Bitcoin is already converted into Euros. The rate applicable at the time of your payment will therefore be the rate applied for reimbursement,” the website says.

That means there’s no danger of Just Eat being stung for a $50 million refund for a pizza.

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