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  • Pixelmatic launched a funding campaign for its blockchain game Infinite Fleet.
  • Non-US investors can join a round featuring notable crypto industry luminaries.
  • The campaign has already hit its $250,000 funding goal.

Want to count yourself alongside Litecoin creator Charlie Lee, Blockstream CEO Adam Back, Heisenberg Capital founder and CIO Max Keiser and Heisenberg CEO Stacy Herbert as equity investors in an upcoming blockchain-based video game? Now’s your chance.

Yesterday, developer Pixelmatic announced the launch of a funding campaign for Infinite Fleet, an outer space PC strategy game that is currently in development. The campaign, which is currently live on crowd investment platform BnkToTheFuture, will let prospective investors in on a funding round that includes the aforementioned crypto luminaries.

The funding drive, which is only available to investors outside the United States, had a goal of $250,000. It has already been successfully funded, with $250,513 contributed by 53 investors as of this writing. The campaign’s listed to close tomorrow.


Infinite Fleet is an ambitious massively multiplayer real-time strategy game with anime-inspired visuals and narrative cinematics. According to its pitch deck, the game lets you command a “fleet of next-generation space ships to defeat a merciless alien threat.” Gameplay details are scant. 

What the team makes clear, however, is that the game is infused with crypto assets. Its $INF token will be handed out by Pixelmatic for playing the game and participating in events, and it can be transferred into and out of the game and used within Infinite Fleet’s peer-to-peer marketplace. There will be a limited amount of the token made to ensure scarcity. 

$INF operates on the Bitcoin blockchain via the Liquid Network, a secondary layer sidechain, to allow for rapid micropayments.

Pixelmatch held a streaming YouTube AMA yesterday following the launch of the campaign, featuring Lee, Keiser, Herbert, BnkToTheFuture CEO Simon Dixon, and Pixelmatic CEO (and Blockstream CSO) Samson Mow to answer questions about Infinite Fleet and share why they got involved with the project.

“A lot of people ask: Is Bitcoin applicable to gaming? Simon, we’ve had this conversation a couple of times and we’ve talked about gaming and Bitcoin, and there seems to be some ambivalence about it,” said Keiser.


“But in my view, it just seems like a natural fit and it’s such a huge market—and it’s only going to grow bigger and bigger. So if they can get any piece of this market at all, it’s going to be a huge play in my opinion.”

According to the project roadmap, Infinite Fleet is slated for release in the first quarter of 2022.

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