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  • Author Isaiah Jackson is the latest guest on The Decrypt Daily podcast.
  • Jackson is the author of the 2019 book, Bitcoin & Black America.
  • He discussed the myriad potential benefits of Bitcoin to black Americans.

Bitcoin & Black America author Isaiah Jackson joined us on the latest episode of the new The Decrypt Daily podcast, discussing his book, the impact of COVID-19 on black and brown communities, and how he sees Bitcoin as a solution to address wealth inequality.

Released in July 2019, Bitcoin & Black America discusses the potential for Bitcoin’s impact on the black community amidst the digital transformation of money, plus it explains how business owners can accept cryptocurrency and highlights key black figures in the crypto space.

“I'm a very solutions-based person, and one of the things I wanted to do was provide solutions and meet people where they are,” Jackson explained to The Decrypt Daily host Matthew Aaron. “A lot of times in the Bitcoin space, people are so smart that they're dumb. They know everything about everything, but they can't explain it to anybody, because they use way too many big words and jargon that nobody really cares about.”


“Plus, they forget they're talking to humans; humans always have their own interests at heart,” he added. “When you're talking about Bitcoin in general, nobody cares. Like, ‘Alright, whatever. How does this affect me?’”

In addition to explaining some of his proposed solutions to increasing black wealth with Bitcoin and keeping that wealth within the community, Jackson digs into the potential for Bitcoin to help the black community create leverage and potentially break away from the current American financial system if needed.

“The only two solutions I've seen since I've been alive have been money or violence. Violence is not the route that you want to go. You do want to protect yourself. So let's talk about the money,” he said.

“We as a community can come together and say, ‘Hey, we will exit the system, and the trillions of dollars that we have basically helped create in this country will exit to Bitcoin.’ At the very least, you'll get taken seriously. And banks will have to change their practices. A lot of credit unions who are around they'll have to change their practices.”


“We definitely need something to protest with,” he added. “I think Bitcoin is the best peaceful protest.”

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